Monday, August 6, 2012

Yes, it's true there is a social network dedicated to food

If you don’t have celebrity chef or food blogger friend showing you the tastiest spots to dine, your best bet is to turn to Taste Savant.
Taste Savant is a restaurant discovery platform that features reviews from select food experts. In a separate tab, the website highlights what your Facebook and Twitter friends are saying about a restaurant.
Only a number of restaurants per city are listed on Taste Savant at a time. The platform pulls reviews from seasoned food critics, celebrity chefs, famed bloggers and industry influencers. Recent food reviews from The New York Times, Tasting Table, The Village Voice, and other publications, are also uploaded onto restaurant profiles. Foodies can log in to the food-discovery platform with a Facebook or Twitter account. Users can also integrate their Foursquare checkins.
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