Monday, August 6, 2012

Who uses what social network? The winners and losers study.

1. Men and Women: who uses social networking more? It is split 50%-50%.

2. Top social networks for ages to 17: Habbo, IMVU, Kaixin001, Bebo

3. Top social hangouts for older folks: Plaxo Newsvine, Wayn, Yelp

4. Social networks with mostly women users: PinterestHabboIMVU, Flixster, Xanga, Goodreads, Squidoo, Mixi, Foursquare, Hootsuite

5.  Social networks with mostly men users: Dribble, Douban, Odnoklassniki, Fark, RedditKaixin001, Renren, QQ, Vkontakte, Dailymotion

6. Social network users with more money: Plaxo, LinkedinYelp, Quora, Wayn


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