Saturday, August 11, 2012

True Story - exercise your imagination

A client of mine sold her biz recently. We connected though an email signature I have in my emails.  When we began our discussions she had a web site she didn't like; it was not getting her any traction in the search engines.  She admitted that her web design wasn't what she really wanted, plus she had never had anyone SEO (search engine optimize) it.

This is not a ordinary lady though. She is focused and over the years had come to understand that what she lives depends on what she creates. She knows that nothing risked is nothing gained. Don't get me wrong, she is very savvy in business - her client list was filled with politicians and celebrities too.

Her design business was consuming her and she finally came to the realization it was time to move on. That is about the time she met me in my email signature. We talked about giving her a first class web site, one that resonated with her business tone and show cased her work.

So in this economy, she sold her business - about 12 weeks after the new site was published and having it listed for just 12 weeks as officially "for sale".  She received top dollar for it too. Imagination, that is what she excelled in - exercising her imagination.

May you have the perseverance to exercise your imagination.

Blessings, Steu

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