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Strategies to use social networking and affiliate marketing to build your business

While  social  networking  and  affiliate  marketing  are   both  very  effective  tools  for  building  a  business,   there  is  little  doubt  that  the  most  effective  strategy  is   a  combination  of  both  of  these  things.    Affiliate   marketing  can  certainly  be  boosted  by  social   networking,  allowing  you  a  nearly  endless  pool  of   potential  new  leads  and  affiliates.    Likewise,  social   networking  efforts  to  boost  sales  can  be  greatly   increased  when  people  visiting  your  page  are  also
given  the  option  to  become  affiliates.    The  bottom  line  is  that  the  two  strategies,  working  in  tandem,  will   certainly  be  your  best  bet  in  terms  of  increasing  revenues.

Use Social Networks to build an awareness of your offering
Before  you  can  start  getting  a  large  number  of  affiliates,  you  are  going  to  need  to  establish  yourself.     While  there  are  always  some  people  who  are  willing  to  sign  on  with  a  completely  unknown  company,   the  fact  is  that  the  more  name  recognition  you  have,  the  more  people  will  want  to  work  with  you.     Create  a  username  that  will  be  the  same  for  both  Twitter  and  Facebook,  making  you  easy  to  find.    Once   you  do  this,  make  sure  you  are  producing  content  fairly  regularly  without  bombarding  people.    Start   following  people  on  Twitter  who  may  be  interested  in  your  products  and  you  will  find  that  many  will   follow  you  back.    Likewise,  look  for  people  on  Facebook  who  are  in  your  area  or  whose  hobbies  and   interests  fit  well  with  your  niche.

Use SEO in your posts
These  days,  Google  and  other  top  search  engines  are  more  advanced  than  ever.    When you use your keywords in posts you are helping the search engines discover your material more easily.   It  can  be  a  great  way  to  gain  new  followers  and  likes  for   your  pages  as  well  as  to  find  new  affiliates.

Link your page or post to your web site
If  you  are  really  working  to  make  your  affiliate  networking  program  successful,  then  you  likely  already   have  a  blog.    You  should  already  know  to  keep  your  blog  updated  frequently  with  content  that  readers   will  find  both  interesting  and contribute to  your  social  networking  pages.

Use the free services available to connect your blog with your social networks.   By  using that service,  every  new  blog  post  will  automatically  post  to   your  social  networking  pages  as  well,  helping  to  keep  affiliates  and  potential  affiliates  alike  abreast  of   your  latest  entries

Never mind the hard sell
Remind them  about what  they  are  trying to find  and  work  instead  to  slowly  suggest  that  they  visit  your  page.  One  of  the  most  common  mistakes  companies   make  when  trying  to  blend  social  networking   and  affiliate  marketing  is  trying  to  hard  sell   their  program.    People  using  social  networks   are  most  likely  checking  their  pages  during   work  or  during  a  break  and  are  looking  for  a   few  seconds  of  laughter,  thought,  or  relief  from   stress.    If  you  are  bombarding  them  with  sales   pitches  and  advertisements,  they  are  going  to  get turned off. A more gentle and softer approach is a time proven strategy.

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