Saturday, August 4, 2012

Strategies for being successful with social networking

1. Network with groups
Most social networks have features known as "groups" which just about fit every  hobby,  activity,  belief,  and   interest  under  the  sun.    Start  looking  for  groups  that  relate   to  your  business  as  well  as  to  your  target  demographic  and   join  them.    Post  a  hello  message  and  make  sure  that  you   add  something  to  conversations,  answer  questions,  or   even  pose  questions  of  your  own  now  and  then.    Engage   people  in  conversation  and  get  them  to  want  to  know   more  about  your  business.    A  great  idea  is  to  create  a   group  of  your  own.    If  you  sell  eBooks  about  caring  for   puppies,  for  example,  you  can  create  a  group  for  people  that fit  the  interest   or  need  that  your  company  caters  to.

2. Stay current
One  thing  you  have  to  know  when  trying  to  make  the  most  of  social  networking  is  people  on  these   networks  are  always  up  to  date.    This  means  that  you  need  to  be  as  well.    Follow  the  latest  news   pertaining  to  your  niche  or  market,  and  follow  the  latest  celeb  and  political  news  as  well.    Look  for  ways   to  integrate  the  latest  and  most  high-­‐trending  topics  into  your  posts  and  Tweets.    This  will  keep  them  interested  and  will  help  drive  you  much  higher  in  search  rankings.

3. Create interesting marketing
These  days,  anything  that  is  really  funny,  intelligent,  or  intriguing  has  the  potential  to  go  viral.    Take  a   look  at  the  average  Facebook  wall  and  note  how  many  statuses  are  reposts  of  something  clever,  funny,   or  inspiring.    Consider  how  many  common  phrases  today  stem  from  home  videos  that  were  posted  to YouTube  and  ended  up  getting  millions  of  visitors.    Consider  how  many  Tweets  have  been  reposted  by   millions  across  the  globe.    While  you  may  not  be  the  next  Keenan  Cahill,  posting  a  video,  status,  or   Tweet  that  makes  people  laugh  hysterically  or  spend  a  moment  in  deep  thought  can  be  enough  to  get   your  words  and  your  link  into  the  deepest  and  most  populated  parts  of  cyberspace.

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