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SEO - tuning your site for mobile computing

Mobile computing is on the rise and you had better make sure your web site is setup for it.  Otherwise, potential visitors will surf on by your offerings. Listen, this is serious stuff. If people cannot view your site then why even have one? More and more people are doing mobile computing. In Forbes a recent computing article said this, "In many parts of Asia, where the mobile phone took hold sooner than in the U.S., schools have given up trying to control students using mobile phones. For a student in Hong Kong, their mobile phone is as vital as the beating of their heart." 

Check out these mobile computing stats  .....

Half of all adult cell phone users have apps on their phones.  Pew Research

83% of adults own a cell phone in America. Pew Research

65% of adults are wireless internet users. Pew Research

In 2015 more people in America will use mobile computing that PC's. IBM research

Demand for tablets in Asia will increase by 96% in 2012 surpassing the shipping in USA and Europe. IBM research

3 Options: how to make your site mobile computing compatible 

1.  You can go to a site and create a mobile version of your existing site. This requires a fee to pay for this new site. And, it also means you have two sites to update now whenever you make content changes. Here is one provider of this service.

2. You can purchase a domain and make your own site, after you code it to be mobile. Let's say your site is You purchase the domain and then code it to be mobile. The bad part of this is that you have two sites to update now whenever you make content changes. Here is an article coding mobile web sites.

3. You can use software that makes web sites and use a format that is compatible to mobile computing and traditional (laptop, desktop) computing.  This is the option I use and suggest as the best. There are tons of great web sites templates out there that you can use for this option and then customize for your look and design. This software includes dreamweaver, rapdiweaver, taco, and there are many more.  The key is the design of your pages so that they fit the smaller screens on mobile devices.

If you have a question on your mobile computing, give me a call and I will steer you in the right direction.

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  1. Surfing on mobile phones is the trend today. Thanks.

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  3. You are right. By the way thanks for sharing this information.