Thursday, August 30, 2012

SEO starter guide provided by Google - five stars

Some of you are Do It Yourself (DIY) and this is a post for you. Google has a well done starter guide for building SEO into your content and therefore getting some lift in Goggle  search results.  Check out the link below to this very handy manual. It takes some time to digest it and apply it - but definitely worth your while. 

I guarantee that by the time you read this and apply it, you will be immersed in your web site design and building. So, if you are up to that level of immersion in your web site design this Google created SEO started guide is a DIY dream come true.

Here is the link....



  1. Hey there, I usually prefer online articles for seo as someone told me this guide was published a long time ago and its not useful as Google made many updates. But after reading this post, I thought, why not give it a shot. THANK YOU SO MUCH !!! This contributed greatly to my SEO activities. !!! :)
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  2. Hello, thanks for this post! I found this guide very interesting. Its a "must have" for any SEO guy, especially for beginners like me!

  3. Hello, this is a very nice post! I found it very useful. I recommend this guide by Google to anyone who wants to start SEO.
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