Friday, August 17, 2012

SEO for Dummies - Part 5

Search Engine Spiders work harder than you or I on our most busy day and they are mindless too :-)

A spider, aka robot or crawler, is a program that follows, or "crawls", all the links on all the pages that create the internet we enjoy. They  gobble up (assimilate) the content from sites and add it to search engine indexes.  An index is a collection of information like a cabinet holds all your dish ware or guns or whatever stuff you put in your cabinet(s).

.... the spiders obediently follow

This is why you want to have the  links on your pages, as much as possible, be connecting to content that is relevant to material on your web pages. For example, if you are selling shoes on a page and the links on that page go to another site that is selling socks, you get a better rating in the indexes than if that shoe page is linked to a page selling cars.

.... a dynamic flashpoint point often over looked

Your SEO juice depends on how the link is made. In other words, when you make a text link you want to use one of your key phrases and then link that to your page. Most people just link their biz name but that doesn't give you significant juice. Bear with me and I will provide an example here....

Say you, Maria, want Jamie to put a link to your site on her links page. BTW, Maria makes wonderful gift baskets.  A stellar approach is using a key phrase as the slogan to make the link, which can or cannot include the biz name.

In this example we will use this text .....

Maria's Total Care Gift Baskets: special gifts shipped worldwide with TLC.

.... select that whole line of text and link it to Jamie's site - especially to a page on Jamie's site that has page content relevant or associated to "special gifts shipped worldwide with TLC". Maybe Jamie's page has something that can be sold with the baskets or it's an article talking about nice gift ideas.

... that kinda linking will grab you much more traction in search engines every time the spider finds one of your links.

Hope that is clear but if not give me a call and we can talk about your site.

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