Thursday, August 16, 2012

SEO for dummies - part 4

Knowing what you have to have is the easy part of throwing your web site into the world.

The trick is to get the search engines to connect people looking for your stuff to your pages.

From the SEO work I have done over the last 9+ years, this involves a three phase process.

1.  Get lift in the search engines

Getting this lift means that you have accomplished what I put forth in SEO for Dummies 1, 2 and 3. Having lift means that when you google a key phrase you have implemented, you are seeing your web page(s) in the seven search results. This takes time, give yourself six months before you start pulling your hair out.

2. Maximize your blogger

You should be bloggin' regularly by now. This is one of the most VALUABLE exercises you can do to create some presence on the web.  I'm going to devote a section to this.  Hey, it doesn't have to be all you. Have some guest bloggers. Put in articles that relate to your products and services.  If all else fails, hire someone to blog for you. Be sure to put a link to your web site at the bottom of every post you make.

PLUS, you are making sure that your posts are distributed into your social networks. Use the free software to do this.

Bloggin' as I am explaining it, is a proven traffic generator. I moved a blog to over 6,000 visitors a month in less than six months.  You can too.

3.  Create reciprocal links from well traveled sites

Find sites that have a page rank higher than yours that ALSO have content relevant to you ... or get listed in some of the high ranking service directories: http://technorati.comhttp://www.dmoz.org, or  Make sure you get listed in sections or categories that are relevant to your site content.

Got stuck or need an idea to juice your SEO work?  Give me a call at 541 210 4375.
Blessings, Steu

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