Saturday, August 11, 2012

SEO for Dummies - Part 2

In this one we will cover researching the use of keywords.

1.  Keywords are essential to the success of any SEO (search engine optimization ) effort.
And, when I say key words, I really mean key phrases. For example you could use "red wagons" as a key work but you get more bang for your buck using "red wagons favorite family toy" in the search engines.

2.  Use different key words on every page.  If you have ten pages, will you get more traction using the same key words on every page or unique key words on every page?  That is correct,  you receive significant more SEO traction using unique key words on every page.

3.  Always  match the key words in your meta tags with the content on your page. In other words, what ever key words are in your met tags HAD BETTER be displayed as content and verbiage on your web page. Otherwise you are draining SEO value from a search engine spider visit to your page(s). Not sure what a meta tag is?  Visit wikipeia here - click here.

4.  Not sure what to use as key words?  Think about this ....
What would someone type into Google or Bing to find you?

5.  Wanna see what is hot and what is not in those key words you are thinking about using?
Google has a neat key word tool that you can use - click here.  Bing has a great key word tool too - click here.

Okay, that seems like some serious juice to get you powered up to go tackle your pages - go get some traction now.

Oh yeah, be sure to index your site in the search engines after you revive your key words.

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