Sunday, August 12, 2012

Poof: August 12, 2012

Greetings and Salutations,

 No need to feed into all this hair on fire stuff, the folks in the rafters created the smoothest transition into the new system, possible. The Matrix locked in absolutely last sat night, some insiders still don't know how it works yet, as evidenced by a few trying to steal recently audited and fully collateral backed account of a vip. Within secs the insiders were nailed and jailed, never to see the light of day anytime soon. This is the same back up to every receiver's account, so no need for concern. Some hacker was trying to steal names out of the data base.....he is now in an undisclosed location. The evidence you want to 'see' won't happen until the word is given to start the 'announcements' the east and the west. This is 'synchronistic vibrosity' at work.

 Don't bother trying to find that in your funk and wagnals, I made it up many years ago when I was trying to find a way to describe what I saw at work here. The old system was being taken over by a benign virus that was permeating the entire system. It would go thru every tendril of the old and reestablish the proper order of things. This is what the man was talking about on squawk box the other morning. 'Putting the old system in a coma'. See it's coming out now, a new system of finances is taking over. The poor bankers are getting the orders, mess around at your own peril. Wahhh, it's really over. As they say in the southland, they just didn't believe fat meat's greasy'. Oh well. Adults are not keep repeating themselves over and over. Don't know how many congress members  will be returning from their vacations. The proper authorities, have already been called and are on 'alert'. Don't worry about a thing. You will be advised, don't get 'creative', not necessary.

 This is about global peace and the folks, who can't handle the new paradigm, will be departing in various ways, and leave the rest of us alone to pursue happiness. Politics is politrix a game for the plutocrats, the people are just serfs to farm for them. Now they are angling to get the rest of what you have so they can order cuban cigars direct. 'Discussions in quiet rooms' is what the man said, because 'you wouldn't understand'. Use the good sense the lord gave you in the coming weeks, your paradigm is being shifted for you because you had little knowledge of the way the plutocrats have been working you, using patriotism as a dog whistle so you would stick with them. Shades of '1984', with lipstick on the pig. When you get your pack, turn your back and walk away from them, you don't need them. If they mess with you, they'll find themselves in an undisclosed location before they can say, 'jack robinson'.

 The moment is up for us and the nice lady is readying herself to announce the revals around the world. She will be joined by others so no one 'poops' themselves. Good luck and have a wonderful future.

Love and Kisses,

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