Monday, August 6, 2012

Passion - do you dare to live without it?

Affiliate marketing isn't gonna work unless you can connect with your own passion.

May sound easy, but in this fragmented world in which we have created, unless you are willing to consciously start recognizing what makes you satisfied on the inside then you gotta know you are NOT connected.

..... we are not talking about impulses and old habits here.  It is easy to mistake "comfort" of doing what you are used to doing as passion - just cause it's familiar.

Passion is the other side of the world from familiar.

Passion is exciting and edgy ... it resides and grows in your heart. Familiar is "dumbing yourself down" or accepting what is as okay .... attention directed by your mind.

Passion allows you to consider being and doing without having to wait for the approval of another. And, passion always benefits everyone involved harmoniously.

When you are passionate about something you are beyond the logic and the need of approval from your family/friends to move forward. With passion, you are empowered by the embrace of your faith to follow your dream and listen to your heart.

Sure, the mind is a an excellent tool. But when it is left on automatic it just creates and dredges up fear that only serves to hold you back and keep you in encamped in your "familiar" stuff.

Yes, with passion you are moving into the unknown - most of the time - and that can bring trpidation. Your passion is the fuel to keep you alert and poised so that your choices and activities are beneficial to the expansion of your endeavors.

Try on some passion today and tomorrow and the next day ... no telling what you may discover freshly about you an your world.

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