Thursday, August 2, 2012

Is your web site taking advantage mobile computing technology?

Smartphones, tablets, laptops, iPads and gaming consoles are going to play a bigger role in the affiliate marketing world. “This might be the most important year for mobile affiliate marketing,” says They also report, from working with Cisco, that “... mobile video will account for more than 70% of total mobile data traffic by the end of 2016.” Advertisers integrating videos are able to connect more meaningfully quicker.
Large and small businesses want to expand, they’re always looking for affordable methods that promote their wares and improve their income, especially in an economic downturn. The internet is as global as you can get; with affiliate advertising, at the very least, there is an enhanced audience compared to the local paper, local yellow pages, or local bulletin board. 
At they were discussing that even though online marketing has many possible implementations, one common thread is looking at ways to develop longer term customer relationships. “It’s not just about collecting a lead - converting a sale.”  Affiliate networks have a built in foundation to accomplish long term results. They are a grass roots effort of people, guided by earning an income, connected with their individual and collective social networks. offers the Abundant Living Affiliate Network on a mobile computing web site and blog.  Advertisers are mom and pop businesses only.  Advertisers receive a landing page that’s video capable and special interest article: SEO’d, posted, and submitted to search engines on a PR3 web site. The minimum commission payable to affiliates is 10%. 

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