Friday, August 17, 2012

Bloggin' for Dummies - part 1

There is a system I use to get traction in the search engines and it uses blogs.  It has worked flawlessly with clients and it just keeps getting better because blogs keep getting more attention from the search engines.

Blog feeds and RSS feeds are basically a data stream of your blog posts. These streams are automatically created and all you need is the URL to distribute them. There are lots of places to contribute your blog(s) via feeds. With a web site you have to buy software or pay someone who has the software to submit your pages to the search engines.  With a blog, you do it the old fashion way - search out the blog distributors/feeds, fill out the form, and click the submit button.

Let's not get confused here between blogs and web sites.  For example, is a free site that many people use for their web site. Officially, is a blog tool but if you are not bloggin' then it's a web site for you .... so if that applies to you then submit your site to search engines.  If you submit a wordpress site you are using as a web site to blog distributors/feeds you are wasting your time.

For this post, bloggin' means you are writing a post at least once or twice a week on a single page.

There are many free blogs tools that you can use. I prefer since it is Google. We all know Google is #1 - I like my work being in the shadow of the giant. 

Don’t expect to write a blog post and have anyone be able to see it. You have to distribute it in order for people to have it available to them. Without making an effort to distribute your blog, or its' RSS feed, you have a sewing needle in a haystack.

Top three places to distribute your blog posts or feeds (aka RSS feeds):
  1. Your social networks
    This can be easily accomplished using a free service like
  2. RSS Feeder
    Add your blog to this highly rated RSS feed:
  3. Kindle Book Store Set up and account and add your blog:
  4. Technorati
    Set up a free account and and your blog. This site rates blogs and is well respected.
  5. Go to Feed Shark and submit your blog posts. You can aslo submit your podcasts too.
Well, this should get you started with some basics.

If you have a question, let me know.

Blessings, Steu

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