Monday, August 13, 2012

Alternative Health: Foot Detox Machine & Homeopathic Remedy Maker

This is a quality foot spa detox machine that provides a total foot detox cleanse, also referred to as anionic cleanse foot bath. It also offers the ability of homeopathic treatment remedy maker since you can use it tocreate natural homeopathic remedies.

The foot spa is designed to detox heavy metals, residue, and poisons out of the body and boost your immune system. 
- Liver Detoxification - Purge Heavy Metals  - Increase Energy and Reduce Stress- Pain Relief and Improve Sleep - Liver, Kidneys and Parasite Cleanse - Enhance Immune System
NOTE: As long as the individual feet are in the spa water,  pathological energies are filtered and purified and transferred back into the body. Equally exciting is that while receiving this therapy, the foot spa sophisticated electronics are formulating and producing the specific homeopathic substance through its' remedy right Output plate.

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