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Affiliate marketing & social media marketing – Do they get together?

Affiliate marketing and social media marketing, both of these have taken the Internet business world market by storm. Both of these are interrelated with one another and help you in establishing yourself as a successful and popular business online. One is intricately related with the other. However, affiliate marketing is much more dependent on social media and the related marketing. There are various forms of affiliate marketing like the pay per click affiliate marketing, pay per lead affiliate marketing, pay per sale affiliate marketing and so on.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is nothing but marketing through an affiliate or a number of affiliates. Through affiliate marketing, you as a blog owner or merchant will have to sign on affiliates and provide them with the link to your website. The affiliate will be required to include the link to your website in his/her own website or writng; this is going to popularize your website amongst the people.
There are various types of affiliate marketing programs that you can offer. Based on the option as to which you are going to pay your affiliates there are some types like the pay per lead affiliate marketing, pay per sale affiliate marketing, pay per click affiliate marketing and so on. Then there are also other types of affiliate marketing programs like the single tier, two tier, double tier program.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is when you try to market your products and services or your blog through the usage of the social media or the networking websites. There are various such websites like that of the Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Digg, and so on. You can participate in these networking websites and popularize your website in the process. Millions and millions of people throughout the world take part in the different social networking websites and so social media marketing is gaining steam with time.

Does the two go hand in hand?

The two options through which marketing of blogs or business or companies are the social media marketing and affiliate marketing. It is true that social media marketing and affiliate marketing go hand in hand.
In order to understand this fact we will have to first understand affiliate marketing. For better affiliate marketing, the affiliates are required to promote their website. One of the important steps of promotion is taking part in the social networking websites.

Difference between the two

Affiliate marketing is more about indirect marketing while social media marketing is more about direct marketing. In case of affiliate marketing only links and advertisements are concerned. However, in case of social media marketing, writing, keywords, chatting and all such stuffs are required to be done.
But if you combine both in the perfect form, you may be able to create some real and astonishing aspect within your business. You will get more and more visitors to your website and as a result, you may be able to earn increased revenue. This is true both from the point of view of the affiliate and the merchant or the blog owner.
However, in case of affiliate marketing too, it is somewhat important for you to include some writing regarding the products or blog you are promoting or advertising for. This is going to help you in gaining attention thereby getting more number of people to click on the given link so that you can earn increased number of revenue out of your affiliate program.
Thus, both affiliate marketing and social media marketing go hand in hand.
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