Tuesday, August 7, 2012

#1 mistake of retail stores and web sites plus five success strategies

What is the one common, often fatal, mistake that traditional stores and web sites have in common?

Lack of presence.

Stores open up on dreams of their owners only to fail miserably at connecting with customers who want their services. Did you know that the majority of small businesses fail? See article here.

Web sites and blogs have that same flaw but are more curable than a traditional store. Why? Electronic pages are on 24/7 with a global audience.

How do you reach your potential customers on the web?

First, you need a site that attracts visitors who resonate with you. Is your site masculine of feminine? Does it project openness or is it cramped. Does your site design flow? Is your content a ton of text to read? Have you integrated videos and testimonials into your content?  Lastly, most importantly, is you site a look of the 90's or the 21st century?

1. SEO (search engine optimize)
There are several facets to this work. You need to make sure that your meta tags and key words are aligned and placed correctly in your page content. When that is done you must index your site in Google, Bing, and the other search engines. Next step is submitting your pages to the search engines.   One goal is to develop back links to your sites. A back link is a site that links to your web page or blog. Be sire to put in place a technique to bond with your visitors. You want visitors to become subscribers and subscribers to become buyers.  Hey, everything I have said so far is not going to cost a fortune but it will take an investment. Here is one good SEO provider.

2. Build influence
This is easier than it sounds. First off,  promote your site with articles that are SEO'd to specific tag lines you are using and haver the tone be an educational nature. Besides your own site, there are lots of places to post your article - for free - on the web. Check out ezinearticles.com.

3. Mobile access is paramount
Your site or blog MUST be "mobilized".  That means your site or blog is designed to be read on cell phones and ipads. This mobile computing is the majority of how the web is used. DON'T BUY A WEB SITE OR BLOG THAT IS NOT DESIGNED FOR MOBILE COMPUTING.  DON'T PAY EXTRA FOR THAT EITHER - IT MUST BE INCLUDED. Read these studies for the scoop: http://blog.kissmetrics.com/mobile-mania/?wide=1 and http://pewinternet.org/Presentations/2011/Dec/Government-Mobility-Forum.aspx

4. Listen to experts
Are you still listening to your family and friends network on doing a site or blog. That is deadly. Find someone who is an expert; at least 10 years in doing sites and emarketing. With that kind of knowledge you have someone who has done the walk not just talked about it.

5. Follow your passion
If you build it they will come. Well, that is true as long as your passion is in your efforts.  There are plenty of free web sites and blogs out there that can post your shingle, along with the billions of other shingles already out there. Your passion will set you apart from the rest of the crowd. Following the four tips above in this article will help you improve the number of visitors that come to your offering(s).

Just like everything else, it's up to you on how you want to create your web presence.  Just remember, anyone who tells you that anyone can make money with a web site is probably not an expert. I have over 20 years working with web sites and blogs. I have assisted  people that created noting into something valuable. There is much potential in the electronic world, when you abide by proven strategies and listen to your passion.

Blessings, Steu

Steu Mann

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