Sunday, July 15, 2012

Transcripts from tonight's Global Voice FB page member questions, with a surprise visit from Drake

Transcripts from tonight's Global Voice FB page member questions, with a surprise visit from Drake:

Facebook Page Q and A
Friday, July 13, 2012

FAQ Page!!

Paul: Patience!

We hit the ground running with plans and future vision, and things grew exponentially. I want to address biggest question. Misconception.

Paper Work: There was a request to do paper work, needed a majority, and all included under an umbrella of inclusion. Successfully completed. It was up to the project facilitators decided to take upon selves, to move forward and complete since it was right thing to do. We HAVE ALL 50 STATES. Nobody worry about your state. Hopefully will get a confirming response.

Paper work is for state for you live in, no individual sovereignty. No confusion with other people’s sovereignty process. Under International Law 1. defined population, 2defined territory, 3defined monetary system. Once change comes we will have a monetary system. Under constitution, bring all this together. This was a foundation piece. Once the process comes forward, it will be up to the people in that state to create this new structure that the one they have isn’t currently working for them. We want to proved info. Tools needed to self govern, to understand rights, juries, city councils. It won’t be status quo. We have had a govt doing, now we the people have to tell the govt what we want. I am going to put the lid on paperwork. No one to do it individually.

We are flying by the seat of our pants, this phone call is for you guys. 

If small arms treaty is signed, will the UN take all our pistols. 
I did see a letter today talking about fire arms, and that our second amendment right will be protected. I am pretty confident that they will say our rights are protected. As a US citizen, to buy a license to buy a gun, you have conveyed your Second amendment.... legal nuances, things are not as they seem. The way you read them is not the way it is really being said. To give it face value, may sound well and good, but they may be saying something you didn’t think they were saying.

Denise: We do have someone on line who can tell us more about that. He wants to come on. 

Welcome guest: DRAKE!!!!!????? Read it. NO semiautomatic weapons of any kind. 2) local, national and intl registration 3) limitation on caliber. Shot guns go. They are going to have to fight to come to my house for that.

Paul: Since you have read it, what are the firearms law under US code, what def. are they applying to int’l treaty. Those three things. Control of manufacture of parts, complete weapons and ammunition. You could end up with a club. 
Paul: Firearm: shotgun, rifle, barrel of 18 inches or less or a gun with a barrel of one inch in diameter or more. This is a word game that they play. Like car is a motor vehicle. I was just trying to figure out what they were applying as int’l treaty.

Drake: 38 caliber and under only.

Teri: Would eliminate anyone who’s a hunger (yes) and protective weapons people would have.

Drake: Exactly, if you don’t turn them in, they will come get them.
They are hiding mother load stuff in the fine print. i coudln’t believe what they put in. Whoever heard of a 38 caliber shot gut. If it explodes and has a projectile, it’s a fire arm.

Paul: Even antiques from civil war?

Drake: everything. Bugged me you can’t have semi automatic. A lot of people use 10 or 20 round magazines. Hunting you might use three four shots. It’s a convenience thing. What they want to do is curtail the US citizen to defend himself on equal ground, period.

Paul: Wanna stay?

Drake: Depends on what people want to know. About sovereignty, forwarded emails.
If a person wants personal sovereignty, they cannot have any governance. You can make that governance nice depending on structure. People don’t undersatnd that people being free is the diff between what we have now and what we are going for.

Paul: Going to be a rolling tide once everything will go down. EVeryone’s looking at the United States. Matter of time til other nations go ahead.

Drake: 41 other nations are waiting and reading up on it. Everyone gets to get a listen to the manner of presentation. I didn’t cover first project because it is done. Needs to be put to bed. It’s done. Now we have to move to extent to create enough of a voice from many people to get military and representatives to notice. We need to garner as many people within the states as possible. we are the keystones. As we set ourselves free, other nations can set themselves free.

Paul: We have a form on website for places all over the world, so people can start connecting and working with each other as to what needs fixing. Until people come together, individuals will run around not nkowing what to do. Neighbors need to talk.

Teri: You have to talk to friends and neighbors to get this going. Like xmas time, get together and spread cheer. And get a hold of your local militias.

Paul: I would like to bring Cary in and talk about her militia story.
Friday calls talk about current news, and let’s start talking about forming our areas talking to our neighbors about iformation we are getting. We can’t sit around. WE have to know they got our back and we have their backs. WE have people coming forward to talk about self governance and inalienable rights. How your county is supposed to work, how are your town halls supposed to work. How to come together and start community gardens that everyone on local level should be doing.

Denise: Have you seen things about UFO’s.

Paul: Just saw lates SOHO image. Is that UFO’s scrambling, or solar radiation. I am not a stellar cartographer or rocket scientist.
Just meeting neighbor

Teri: I have been looking for 6-8 months for militia, gone through Rick and Drake’s website, since Spokane is out of the way. I couldn’t find anything. Didn’t think there was a militia. Got drug to a barbecue, and running my mouth, three at table were listening to me, a woman came up and I told her what I was doing. She said, We are the militia. Honey, I can call an army up in an hour. I started telling her about all the websites I have looked. She didn’t even hear about our groups or websites, so I got hooked up with local militia by going to a barbecue I didn’t want to go to.

Paul: Chase from Atlanta: I was wondering is Drake said anything about technologies that are coming. 

Denise: WE’ve covered on several occassions. 

Drake: Extraordinary technologies. What we started out from caveman to now.. The next step is the same kind of leap!!! Some are going to go Wow, this is different, and a whole lot of tutoring. Got to go back to grade school. These types of differences will be extraordinary. Regrowing limbs, going back to perfect health, some improvements, being able to have much greater mental capacity in all areas. It is going to be very extraordinary. I have worked in these areas for several years. It will be mind blowing.
Chase: Continue with meditations! Thank you.

Paul another one! : An idea came to me, connecting with community is predominant subject. If we have a universal symbol, sticker on back of car, etc. A sign to someone else that the conversation can be initiated. Green lightbulb on porch. Have everyone participating, whether you know them or not.

Paul: Can’t use American flag! Must be something to rally behind, but I am not sure we want to bring that to our attention. THere could be ramifications.

Paul: Cars with yellow and pink ribbons, something as subtle as that.

Denise: We will have to ponder that one.

Paul: Maybe little global voice mascot, or little green light sticker. Something to symbolize unity. If the Global Voice people want to voice their opinion, they can respond some way. We could bring it back to table.

Drake: Stars and bars and don’t tread on me.

Paul: Churches do it, everyone does it.

Denise: Loaded question, this listener should follow up and listen to previous programs. What exactly is agenda 21

Paul: Property Code, et al. So much. How to mow your lawn. Wouldn’t mind having another speaker on show for Q and A to talk about Agenda 21.

Denise: REference links for people to go and study. That’s another issue. All the time people ask is this a legitimate group? Is this true? Lot’s of confusion as we go through this process. For every action there are multiple reactions. We get the program about the Nation States that happened, then people who disagree, and they start their own movement, and they do or don’t know what they are doing, and going about it the wrong way, or reinventing the wheel when it has been accomplished. We are all awakening at different moments in times. YOu come into the fold and you don’t know what has transpired or not. We are going to try to get together as a team and vet some information and start putting out links that are valid for these topics in our Q and A topics.

Paul: In regards to vetting of info. Is this good/bad? We want to teach you how to go look for that stuff. We want to give you the tools how to look for this stuff on your own. You can learn how to validate info, and then you can learn and teach the people in your community to do that, too. We want the people to be on the same level of understanding so you can take charge and not wait for someone to tell you how to do something.

Denise: Several people questioning Niburu.

Drake: It’s an astroid and won’t be here for awhile. It has an extraordinary amount of mass compared to it’s side. No one is saying. My understanding is that it will be steered away from us and won’t be any harm. I’ll leave that to the angels and ET’s.

Teri: Where did you find the info about the gun treaty.

Drake: In about twenty different places. Extensive and intense search. I don’t have link. If you look directly into gun control UN small arms treaty. Some of it’s scattered, then you come to the one that reports what is in it. Just keep digging in same direction. I made a mistake not getting that down. There are many comprehensive reports on it, but the treaty, tries to say the same thing that they won’t interfere, which is a boldface lie since we can’t have semi auto, nothing about 38 caliber.

Alyssa; We normally don’t discuss this topic because it blows people away who don’t want to accept, but we are doing to do this.
What does Drake do about the ET’s. Anything you want to say Drake

Drake: It depends on your position if you are going to be accompanied by angels or ET’s ... depends on your importance now or down the road. Do you see them? Well, yes, and I wasn’t drinking or smoking anything funny. When you aren’t falling asleep, and you accidentally happen to run across one, they don’t want you to see them. The ones I see, they are on my front porch. They run around corner and poof they are gone. Telepathic communications, I just have to ask. I have been fully telepathic since 6 years old, so I have been practicing and studying psyic sciences. I have studied all. You will see how comprehensive I am. Grass, trees, critters, bugs, people. You learn how to be aware of the creation in which you reside, in the process you learn how to lovingly reach out to another life form, YOu are introduced to the creation. You get to learn somethings about the creator yourself. It takes in some cases years to practice this if you go by the book. I look for accpetions, and overtly simplify something that kids can do it. If I teach a child, a child will say, that’s cool, and go back to playing. Adults don’t have the open mind and don’t know something is real. Children are taught all kinds of prejudices by families, et al. When you get them young enough, they don’t have the prejudices. To them, those concepts are obvious and simple and accept it. 99% of grasping is accepting that something is a probability, and then a possibility. Third time, you realize you can do something with it. You see through the eyes of a child. You have prejudice now. The idea of a fair trial does have a possiblility, and understanding this is what you will be able to use in the future.

Denise: Question to everyone: We answer this question all the time. How do you wake people up, so that we can throw ideas out there to help others wake people up.

Drake: Global Voice had a show by a man who deals with idea of freedom in terms of community organization. I have a tendency to cherry pick, and I listen to acceptions, exceptional.... and this man said something that struck a chord. Find out what type of problem that person has in terms of their lives. This guy was a farmer, they bothered him about moving a rock in a creek. Became a big issue. SAme ideology of control. So, just talking to someone, you find out that person has trouble getting up stairs, help them, if they can’t clean, commonality. Simple stuff, would love to have a hand rail. maybe the lumber yard would have the materials. You donate your time to put in correctly. Thousands of ways.

Paul: a couple of weeks ago we had Curt Mackenzie on, very knowlegeable about counties. These techniques can be applied anywhere. He mentioned its not about making it about what you are doing, but offering to help other groups, farmers, stores, forming coalition. Get involved with another group that is involved like us. When they see you are willing to help them, then they would be more responsive to what you are doing. Try to make a difference. When you make first steps, you will start seeing people do see the same way and willing to come together.

Denise: Again for our group, it’s as simple as anything you take an interest in. If you are interested in a book club, you go out to a bookstore, you simply go out and engage with other people. Communicate. People find it much easier to sit behind a keyboard and talk, It’s kind of like they have gotten incommunicado and don’t communicate that well in person. Send me an email instead of going out and striking up conversation. In order to prepare in my community, i am very fortunate,, ?? wrong word. I live on Mississippi gulf coast. Hurricane territory, Camille and Katriina, gulf oil spill ... no stranger to loss of infrastructure. After Katrina 7.5 months without power! Imagine being without any power in 100 power, no water, no electricity, no way to get food, roads blocked, no infrastructure, no sewage. Goes on for 7 months. You will learn to get to know your neighbor, you WILL learn survival. Now I just go out on weekends and go to farmer’s market, and will just strike up conversation with bee farmer, or someone who grows organic vegs, do they have a large farm or garden for people to go to or if they need help. It’s as simple as that, so you know that in times of strife, you know who can bring what to the table. I know I have an RN and a carpenter, and people with specific needs that need to be checked on. Get to know your neighbors.

Paul: Talk to neighbors, set up potluck. Offer something to bring them out of their houses. Host one if you can afford one. Maybe do it as a community thing.

Denise: I have an extra lot, and I have done nothing with the lot and offer it for a neighborhood garden. Would have to put a structure on it because we are being bombarded with chemicals.

Paul: What kind of seeds? GMO is a modified seed, etc.... that might spark conversation on getting them enlightened on conversation. Finding those opportunites to dispense info, to get them interested.

Teri: My fave thing to do is to laugh and joke about how mainstream media shows are nothing but cooking and fashion shows, no news. And two or three where I get my news, to get real news, then they start asking questions. Put bugs in there ears. Everyone I put a bug in ear, they know who to come to for questions. It started out as a joke with main stream media, We know it is suffering terribly. People are waking up to the fact that they aren’t getting the real news.

Paul: People have to understand you can’t throw out too much info at much. Deer in headlight looks. Just planting seeds in casual conversations.

Paul: Any callers do they have any suggestions on what they would do to wake someone up.

Denise: this past week we set up a FAN PAGE, prefer to call it a news page, and we will be posting links to globalvoice2012. You will know you are on there when you can only like it. Has a globe/guy. Strictly news and info page. Only newsworthy items on there. THere is no discussion about anything other than headline news items from diff news. If you are looking for what is happening, and not wanting to search through opinion and discussions.

For people who aren’t on facebook, we will add into GlobalVoice website. Not quite there yet.

Caller: I have been listening to John Moore. He’s been talking about a military alert on oceanic borders. All the military have been made aware that they have to evacuate. May be given a day or two notices. No one seems to know about this?

Teri: I have been vetting story for the last couple of days, can find no info on that whatsover, and I have a lot of news connections all over world, and community and some in military. With those resources and my searches. I can’t validate it yet.

Caller: I agree, but I have several people in family military. No body has heard anything about this coastal evacuation via this fellow, John Moore. Most of this stuff is new to me. The info from the web. I’ve known about these things since the eighties, and at that time, I was labeled as a crackpot. I was calling radio stations in Pittsburg, and now it’s my kids that are taking over. I got burned out trying to let people know what was going on. My kids are saying they are sorry theyshould have listened. I am torn because of my faith. With the facts that are coming in. I have to deal with that now. For many years, I have thought about it, now I have to deal with it. It is disturbing. I have to say I have been lied to and cheated on, but not only govt, and my country that i have supported, but also my faith. Am I going against the savior? I know there are a lot of people out there thinking that they are scared about my faith.

That is something no one can address. People have to come to terms with that on their own in their own beliefs. I had to come to terms with my faith. No one should say you should go anywhere. It’s up to everyone’s individual. It’s wrong for someone try to convince you.

Caller: If a space ship comes down, and Jesus isn’t on it, I am not getting on it.

DEnise: The first time that 9-11 was an inside job, was from a young man in navy on Abraham Lincoln (USS), when he landed on it and Bush said Mission Accomplished. When that young man was aboard that ship, he sent me a video that it proved it in plain sight.

Caller: Mad magazine, there was a picture of a plane flying into the world trade center. Drakey listen, I’m with you dude, but I am freaking out, I am a West VA girl but he is all over you.... but thank GOd I am talking to you know, I want people to know, but we are the crazys. I told your girlfriends here, I have been knowing this stuff before the 80’s. They told me to get away from me. Radio show in Pitts. told me never to call them again. I knew about Bilderberg, ETs. He said, Ma’am you are crazy. There’s a lot of very very intelligent people. We have to let the people know we are the smart one. Our minds go beyond the black and white. We go everywhere. It kills me inside that the ones who really know are the ones who are chastized the most.

Paul: Nobody said it was going to be easy. Thank you for your input.

Caller; I struggled with alcoholism and drug addiction, i am starting to realize that I was never able to say what was really going on in my head, so I had to stifle that with chemicals. Now I am freely thinking, I can do this freely.

Paul: Just keep a stiff upper lip and hang on with the rest of us.

CAller: The most intelligent people on earth are trying to put out the message.

Paul: Would like to state concern about story coming out. We can’t verify it. We know there are dangers, ring of fire, west coast tsunami, east coast tsunami. We can’t pin it down, but we know threat. Until such time we can find solid info as to why these stories are being out. You have to take every fear porn headline and follow it. We are so used to reading a headline and not reading story. We just see headline and just run with it.

Denise: We aren’t perfect here at GV 2012, and we can get caught up in moment, and we have put out info that we thought was valid, but wasn’t but we will retract and let everyone know if we did make an error. We can use help of listeners. If you come across info you think you can help, send it to use immediately. If you are on fence, feel free to send personal message to admins, or, people are helping us research who can validate. We make every effort to ascertain that the info we are putting out is as accurate as possible.

Paul: We are Global Voice, yes, but we are maintaining page and radio show. Everyone out there is Global Voice. We don’t want to be your crutch. We want you to help us and help your neighbors, too. YOu have to work togethter to help with info. you are learning to investigate and empower yourselves. Just think of all the things you can start investigating in your comminuty too. We want you to do this out there, if we can do it here, you can do it in your ommunity. We want to make this as much as group participation.

Drake: I am going to leave it up to the individual. Let us know if y ou want to be given the credit for article or info... Or, avoid legal... .Copy the whole thing, copy the whole page, so the credit for the article also goes to author. Send the link to where you obtained information. Let us know if you want your name on it.

Denise: I want to point out that this would be valuable to read, on Drake’s website info tab, interesting article from near and dear GV person, Terry Hinkle. She dots all i and crosses all t’s.... very good and thorough ... articles on Agenda 21, would help our members in educating yourselves in educating yourselves.... Unalienable Rights, by Terry Hinckle, How to Bring Down America, Wild Lands Project Not What you Think. Very informational and educational I would strongly recommend to all of our members. ALl are under information tab on Drake’s website. ANmilitia.

We can follow up after our readers read articles, they will invoke more questions. It will bring out more understanding and more questions.

Paul: That is what we want to do here to spark info, and to empower people. Starts with group discussion. I have a dear friend, Barclay, working to get him on to have an hour once a week to start taking us down the road of undertanding unalienable rights, where everything stems from, getting knowledge to move forward when time is right.

Denise: Unalienable Rights, Common Law, what these are.

Paul: We want to present this on show, so you can ask questions. We want to provide forum. So you can get answers when the questions that come to your mind.

Denise: We can learn about what we are going to do on our next program, so people can prepare ahead to.

Paul: Email them in so we can have everyone benefit from answers.
Teri is working on new stories. We want to provide info from different areas to connect dots.

Teri: I think once I am done with calls, I could go to forum and start a new forum topic about show requests. What would people like for shows. We can hear what people want to talk about and get a show about it. WE want to know what you want to hear.

Paul: We want to hear from you. WE are just the humble servants.

Teri: Thomas Jefferson...

I think that is so relevant today. We have new stories. EVerything is around LIBOR, seeing possible action, and they can just threaten and threaten and drop ball. People forget about it, and nothing comes of it. I have been following the White Hat’s report since inception. I have been extremely impressed. #44. They say they are disgusted, upset in awe, of all the info that was given to LORD Blackheed, and the story about 16 trillion dollars, was dropped. Why didn’t anyone pick this up. It is going to take all of us. This news is going to piss off everyone. People are going to demand answers. Today, WH #45, they basically were venting all the evidence, if you aren’t going to do something with the evidence, we are going to put it out to the public and let them try to take action since you didn’t , and they are going to follow up and posting and flooding internet with this evidence that has come out that no one is doing anything with. We should pay attention to this and follow up. I want to ope up for discussion.

Paul: Resignations, Suicides, if people can’t connect dots, this isn’t just coincidence. Here in the US we have had bankers and people assoc with financial aspect, suicide and stabbing themselves.

Debbie: Can any of you get a hold of Foster Gamble. Thrive movie. Everyone should watch that. Is there anyway to get him to do a show through you.

Paul: We have had that suggestion. Haven’t even had a chance to see if he is available. It was suggested.

Debbie: I don’t know how true, but I am seeing on our facebook page, there is a video being posted 20,000 + extra resignations that no one is reporting. Date is March 18th. Including resignations and house arrests from FCC securities and stock commission.

Paul: That was a certain kind of filing. Media was reporting just some of the higher level resignations, but if you go into FCC, there is a K document, under that filing, there was a large amount that were being filed but not reported. Unless you look for it. It’s not cabal or upper level, but more likely mid level because they know something was coming up. American kabuki was reporting that in February

Denise: Seeing a lot of info on this: The recent solar flare. They reported on NBC with Brian Williams, the one that happened yesterday. Teri and i have been watching for eruptions of earthquakes in Canary Islands, ten or 30 a day, and now they are reporting none.

Teri: 700 in four days, and now there are none. I had spoken to someone today who was in Canary Islands, and they felt no movement. He was a week there, they were feeling them and getting alerts, but the last two days they were there, they didn’t feel any or get any warnings.

Paul: White Hats and Banking: Anyone chime in on that:

Teri: I was going to ball it all together about White Hat, Liborg Scandal news UK, starting to get US signs, Bernake, Geitner implicated. Implications that the White Hall that is part of the royal family information, implications there. The LIBOR scandal is a very big dog now. The reason I mentinoed White Hats and LIBORG is because we saw what happened with Lord Blackheed and 16 billion get slammed under the rug. I don’t want to get this slammed under rug. By us sharing, and adding Lord Blackheed, we need to keep shining spot light on that, and if we do that, we will shine light on Libor scandal.

Paul: Jamie Dimon, and Barclays, are going to go ahead and step down and get a slap on the wrist. Is this the sweeping under rug, or is something going to blow out and make this irrelevent.

Denise: The LIBOR is being slap on the wrist. It’s not being treated as a criminal case as it should be. It’s being mentioned as one, but so far no criminal actions have been taken. I can see how this could slip under the rug and nothing happen. I think because there is so much evidence, with the 16 trillion scandal, the evidence is so damming, that by shining light on that case, it will allow us to put the heat on and keep on so that the Libor scandal will stay in open

Drake: Yes LIBOR is going to be taken in terms of financial. Many has happened internally about it. I am going to suggest the scandal and fun and games between world and Europe is a distraction. Transpacific partnership. NWO went from that Atlantic to Pacific. It has been doing this for awhile. I am saying pay attention to libor however, if you think anything nasty, TPP is bad..... Nafta has spent several thousand on test fines. It was the form or Transpacific partership it is the rim. CHina, south Vietnam, Japan, US... this is where the growth in terms of growth anywhere on planet is taking place. They are attempting to take over from that stand point. I posted an article on website, from The Nation Magazine. Covers general paramaters and some specifics. The rich people of the Illuminati actually putting something forth in a treaty form to do what they couldn’t do before, but can do now. Extraordinary. People and countries lose their soveriegnty, and everything comes under commerce area. Group of legal staff which rotates, in terms of damage, No stipulations about what these people can do once it is formulated. Small Arms, Law of the Sea, Libor.... all distractions. People need to grasp this. I don’t know how to start taking this partnership apart, but I am working on it. Everyone in this audience should get busy and it is critically important. If you don’t have any trading partners, the country is pretty much fried. It can tell you, you don’t have any exports this year. According to the treaty they can enforce it. I would sugges that you would look at somethings, specifically as scandal involving investigations, or no immediate reactions or actions taken as distractions.

Teri: Someone just posted that they had the 12 TPP stake holders meeting in San Francisco. website, free trade agreements, Bahrain, transpacific partnership engagement, page on that, related agreement. Information. Public comments, q and a, blog.

Paul: Get that over on to newspage. Need someone to do that.

Drake: just sent a link about that which is the most intelligent one of all.

Paul: I’d like to hear from listening audience to get their take on what you’re thinking. Trying to fill dead air time. Anything you want to discuss.
Teri: I don’t know enough about the TPP. I know how important it is. I didn’t have enough tonight. Thanks, Drake, for bringing it up.

this covers a good solid range about everything it can do. Form a partnership based on finance and commerce in the past. Nafta. Jobs getting sucked out of the United States. There are several things that need to be done. one of the things we have problems with. We don’t have manufacturing. it’s in China, and cheaper to send, too. A Duty or tax, in terms of what we do in terms of safety of workers and community along ???

China’s manufactoring is in the coal age. In Taiwan, if you look at reclamation of electronics, people are burning precious metals off of circuit boards which exposes them to bad toxins. We have seen mobile homes with awning, for cars, storage. The aluminum, it is taken from here, taken to China, smelted, and made into support and beams, and ships it back here for less than it can be paid for here. It has to be govt subsidies and agreed upon by TPP wealthy, and leaders in China. If people want jobs, first things we need to do is take down the Banks. Neil Keenan will tell what is going on in reports. In conjunction with Mr. Keenan, and David Wilcock, had a long conversation, and just to let you know those truck loads of info that I know, are the truck Loads that the White hats have. It is being hidden away so it can’t be found. Very explosive with what it shows and what people did. At some point it will come out.

Paul: You aren’t shorting yourself for info on Sunday show. I do have quite a bit more.

Dan Dieter: Good news, the more I hear, the more secure I feel. Obviously a lot behind scenes... strategy, tactics and logistics... lots going on to prepare for ultimate battle. I can tell you are ready to get into next stage. Good to hear and it’s charging my batteries, too.

Unconditional Finance: Could give very clear synopsis about how Ron Paul could be leader. The house of cards is teetering. Morgan Stanley having problems in the trillions, and when they go, the house of cards will go. Drake is right.... get your money into your small credit unions. Get gold and silver (hard), Drake is right on, and i have researched everything ... fundamentally you are incredibly sound. We need to trust the powers that be.

Drake: Going to blow minds on Sunday. Goes right along line with what you are talking about Dan. I am stupid, so I asked lots of questions. Had Niel Keenan explain a lot of things, and helps me inform people. I have been very fortunate to have tactical contacts in various chains. Information i have been trying to offer is kind of general. If someone can envision, like distractions and understanding them when you see them. Small arms, distraction, magicians trick.. the other one is taking bird out of pocket. Bait and switch.

Paul: DAn, did you hear us talking about suggestions or ideas that you do for approaching people not in the know. Give them the seeds of info to get them curious.

Dan: That’s a good question. A lot people are afraid to do first thing. I enjoy the initial contacts, and watching their eyes as you talk to them. New person in neighborhood told me he was having loud party... I told him you are a compassionate guy, do you know about Thrive. I have a day and night job. Do you know anything about Chemtrails. Do you think we are heading in the right direction as a country. Would you like to awaken. I told him to look at Thrive, and if you are really curious, this is DD, but you can find me on facebook, and you can go to websites. Then that is one example. We met five people in transaction to get a car. They all wanted to learn more, they are all out there doing something. I talked to my manager. Not a neighbor on the block who isn’t doing something. Thank you’s after it all is so worth it.

Paul: Do you get the scenario about applying too much and get the shutdown. Before we talk, look at the movie. Need to educate yourself, then watch Thrive and then let me know if you want more. Crop circle, ET, free energy, GMO, first part is might be something that could shut them down before good stuff.

Dan: Would not lead with ET or crop circle. I would start with are you satisfied? Would you like to do something to make it better for your children. A little bit in the beginning.
Let them get on facebook. some have said they learned more in two weeks than they did in their whole lives.

Paul: Thrive starts with cropcircle and ET’s. How do you prevent them from shutting down.

Dan: When I first got into the anniversary of 9-11, I went into because I felt something was wrong.... I was sick and depressed for two months. I felt very lonely. I didn’t know Drake, Dan Wilcock, GV. You will be depressed, you will be sick, but if you have the courage to go through it.... Better to bite the bullet and get prepared. If we expect ET’s help, we better get our house in order. I want to be in this work, not have them rescue us. Throw the TV away. I can’t even turn the TV on anymore it’s so repulsive.

Denise: I agree. nothing on mainstream tv that is worth a nickel.

Dan: Ron Paul has a lot more delegates, and a lot more fraud than anyone can think of.
Ron and Rand Paul have stayed in the republican party and can help his dad when the type is right. Palin at least believes a little more of the truth. You do not see a sticker or noise for the other two candidates. I think Ron Paul can lead us through this.

Paul: Rebecca in NC: I let everyone know we appreciate everything. I have been calling the small arms treaty, holder, tpp, I even stated to the White House were smoke screens for something else. My question is that Keshe technologies that have been blocked by obama, and that has been upsetting. Can you talk about the white dragon/red dragon.

Drake: White Dragon good guy, Red Dragon bad guy. Does destruction to planet and kills people, but the white one does win. It’s a fortune cookie. Do what you believe, but according to info I have seen. We are supposed to win. That is one of the things that keeps me going. The problems you are going to run across are in terms of info on them. Go into chinese lore, and find pictures, when you see pictures they will battle, if you follow the trail, find the legend. Have a translator, hard to understand ancient Chinese.

Caller: Grammy J.

Paul: Did you see on your road trip, anything out of the ordinary?

Grammy J: I do feel in my heart and did see some military equipment being moved on rail road tracks. I chew Drake out about not telling me stuff because I want to know.

Paul: Purpose of call to share information.

Grammy J: I wouldn’t be supportive. HOnestly, if people would stop being negative. We are winning. History is taking place. Some people feel they just got to see and know eveyrhing. A lot of good people are working really hard behind the scenes. We don’t have to know everyhitng. Just like we know the great spirit exists, do we have to know every day. We have to trust that things are going on behind the scenes. What irritates me, is when good people are attacked when someone doesn’t give up the info that they want to know. If he isn’t going to tell me, he isn’t going to tell you. He knows people in high places who are risking their lives. There are a million of us to them, and some of them are just trying to scare others. They know they are losing. People are walking up. Come out and support or shut up.

Paul: People want the answers to weigh and evaluate facts.

Grammy: But they want answers based on their demands. If Drake can’t say something, that means what it means. It doesn’t mean people need to exhaust us.
If someone doesn’t want to believe, that’s ok, but if they open their eyes, they will see stuff all over. We can’t make demands based on what we want.

Laugh, love, trust god, no matter what. This is what I choose to do. I know I am lead to this, I know that I am supposed to do this. I love everyone and I want everyone to let go and let God. In that still silence so much is going on behind the scenes. Each one of us has been lead to do our little things. We are all just little grains of sand on a beach that I call God. When they get angry and go after because they don’t beleive. They want this to be true, or they wouldn’t keep listening. What are they doing here if they don’t want to believe. Just need to relax. Let God take over. Great Spirit has been teaching and leading me.

People all over. (lists people trying to get truth out.) It’s important we don’t miss the forest for the trees. That is why you won’t see Grammy J argue with you. People don’t need to stoop to insults.

We all need to come together with peace love and light. Things are happening. The bad guys know it- they know we exist. Nothing is private. But people in deep and touchy situations. I have seen people making demands that could get some people killed if they were responded to.

Denise: There will be a day when it will all be out in the open, and in the meantime we all have to do our part.

Grammy J: Early today, someone sent a message about small arms treaty. To try to prevent this gun thing from Brian, fast and furious, happening again?

Drake: It’s a distraction, and then like a cat, will watch three mice and figure out which one to pounce on first. WE have to combat both. TPP has to be voted on. If we can catch them with their pants down early enough, we can see their bare butts out there for everyone to see.

Grammy J: If they are trying to take weapons from people who have weapons. They are afraid of you. Should we be prepared to shoot if need be. Like our founding fathers said. If they are trying to take your weapons, they are afraid of you. Once the weapons are gone, there is nothing standing between you and them. The bad guys for the first time are afraid of you.

Denise: Drake and Paul: Does anybody have a comment about the report on FOX disclosed some UFO files.
Drake: I heard about it

Paul: Ministry of Defense has declassified a lot of that material.

Denise: Or sending everyone on a wild goose chase.

Paul: London Telegraph, looked pretty relevant. Pilots from 60’s and 70’s being declassified. Not sure if it is first step to disclosure, but if FBI is involved.

Drake: I think two weeks. There is a reason I am saying that. That was the time frame I was given in terms of more detailed info given out. I will suggest that there is going to be some old hat old stuff at first, and that it will go deeper.

Closing thoughts:

Dan Dieter: Keep your powder dry and get ready for the fun. What I am feeling. I am a student of voices. Drake’s voice tells us we are doing good.

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