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This is the BIG week - read it from Drake

The Drake Show, Sunday, July 22, 2012 - Transcript

The Drake Show, Sunday, July 22, 2012

Welcome Drake and Lady Dragon. Minute Man will be in soon.

I have capabilities of getting copies of liens, Neil hasn’t filed yet.

First ones open will deal with the US, then the others.

Found out: Many are on my site. Go to right, scroll, subscribe, put in your email and get it right away.

I will address some things that are going around.

Lady Dragon:

What Drake is explaining about Friday is extremely important. Watch. Will be pivotal day. Will be better for us either way. Friend from Dubai says no homes, just dorms and people work. Import people, they go to work, then they go to the dorm. Can’t talk to their loved ones, no passports, can’t leave. Live 24/7 with boss. Slavery. This is how they want the whole world to be.

Genicide here in Canada. This is coming, that’s why important to wake up.

South Africa: Michael Dillinger filed papers against bank. Now it goes many more banks. New Era, declare all money lending systems fraudulent and unconstitutional. Not just happening here, but everywhere.

David Wilcock article put a lot of detail. Very informative. Where all the wealth is in detail. Now the news is getting to more and more people.

Mega Uploads website. Case we need to watch. News came out about mega uploads, US dept of justice makes up own rules. Currently unfolding, and could shut down. Watch court case viligently.

Orders for Pentagon to monitor media for info leak. New York Times and LA TImes are going to start talking. LA Times, state park had millions in surplus, but threatened to close parks because they had no money. LIE. Plot revealed. LA TImes found and reported.

Read Cobra. Very intense this week! Sunday meditation on LD’s website.

Drake: Judicial admissions of improper hearing of a case in Indiana, Sheriff Arpai found Hawaii, birth certificate factory. This goes to Merit.

Several of people who use my things on my website to use on their sites. MORE THAN WELCOME. Dept. of Homeland Security had a plan to take over. Making riots in streets, shooting in streets, etc. Planned!!!!! One problem: Some of their plans have been outed, by me and others. More people are looking at improper hearings or merit. Lot of people are in legal hot water. Most politicians has fun and games going on. Some are clean and try to do the right thing, but can’t. HS: Valerie Jerrit, Queen bee of white house, she tells everyone what to do. From upper office to lower, Eric Holder, can cause order of murder to our security guards, gun runners. He is the fire wall. He is keeping the legalists from finding out stuff about Obama. Let’s make sure this doesn’t happen again, and remove crooks, influence peddlers, money launderers, financer/bankers. Need to remove Eric Holder no matter what.

This planning from Homeland Security. Was also a suspension of elections. I don’t think they are going to have them. HS doesn’t plan to have them, they plan to have a false flag. They will kill no matter how many. 9/11, Oklahoma City (kill babies, they don’t care). We just had an order stated that we are in a state of emergency. And we kept this emergency order alive due to uranium in Russia incident. Suspension of Elections, and the probability of our military making a military coups. The military take over, no martial law, but will be making arrests. So we can keep a structure running that runs for a specific amount of time. We will have an office holder, accountant. IRS researching.

Plan: Suspension of elections. Instead of them. US. We the People, plus militias, our military, what do you need, and where can I help you?

Dubai: Prison camp for workers. I found out that there are no publicly accessible video cameras. Why? What hides in secrecy is something wrong. People from foreign countries get owned while looking for work.

I posted a video, think and relate: Sounds of Silence. Pray to the neon god we made. Lady Dragon mentioned genocide. Work you til your dead, starve you, or put you in a deadly situation. Just got a report from Japan, been out awhile. Tokyo Electric Power company, nuclear problem. Fukushima, is not shutting down soon. Point is: These turkeys sent workers in and the crew leader that his badge said that he was being cooked, got everyone out of there. Lead shields from radiation, so badges don’t go off. They just took people and radiated them. These people were climbing all over it. Messes with reproduction, among other things. Intentionally radiated this people And the official statement was, “Im sorry, we just made a mistake.”

My next subject about service people, and Rick Light has more:

Minute Man: Good news. Our militias are growing like you wouldn’t believe. Looks like small arms treating is back firing. If you are going to join a militia, get with people in your states, your group near you. Easy to do. In RAM has lots of info on how to do it. Drake has info on his site too.

Some of our military boys have been told that they owe no allegience to our constitution. Some of these people are in special forces. Talk to your law enforcement. Many patriots are out there. We need to reach out to them. If they have been told that they owe no oath of allegience to constitution. Disturbing that some in our military are being taught that. Needs to be addressed really quick. Need to pass that along. FEderal, local, state, all them folks. Reach out more than every. In a blink of an eye, Friday will be here. They will be accountable for what transpires Friday.

Drake: PTSD teaches you how to fight back, to where it doesn’t bug you all the time, so you can control your actions and reactions. Everybody has a little bit of this. This gives you control over that thing that makes you react in appropriately, and has thought controls. No one gets in your head, you can use it on your own. As long as you follow basics, you will be able to get control. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, in the extreme of combat, when you are triggered, it goes to the bottom of who you are, the cave man part. You have to do certain things. Manchurian Candidate talks about brain washing. I did this for me. I woke up screaming for the first two years I came back. I can turn it down, the noise, I take the color out of it, take the light out of it, and close it up and lock the dog down, doesn’t bother me. I used to be triggered by noises, but not so much anymore. I laugh in its face now, and it goes away. I go into specifics. Treatment system, it isn’t a program, no leader but you.

I read an article in Time Magazine, stated one military personnel in reserves or retired or active duty. One a day was blowing their brains out. As they say in the marine corps. you can’t die without permission. I know how nasty it is to have PTSD and all you want to do is turn it off. This system helps you turn it off.

I addressed the troops worldwide. Each person has a service manuel, tells you how to conduct yourself. Open service to support constitution, you abide the rules of constitution. This is in your service manual. If you don’t have one, go on line or to the library. US code military justice says the same thing. Those are your basic walking orders. It’s there. You won’t engage civilians, only as crowd control. Your allegiance is first to the country and exists under the Constitution, and so do we. The day we are set free, all the church bells will ring out.

The excitement people feel when fireworks go off, the thrill you get when someone you love comes up the hill. That first look in the morning when you wake up next to the one you love, nothing like it. They don’t want you to have this, they want to steal this from you. We are at the break point. We got until Friday, 5 days to find out if we are going to maintain our freedom or not. I have heard that this disinfo, we aren’t going to take your guns. There is a problem with that. I got a copy of the one not changed. Anything over 38 disallowed- that’s a shotgun, hunting rifles.

They know how to put out fires, but they haven’t done it. I know how to do it. They make an effort with airplanes. Firefighters are extraordinary. If we had a truly national militia- people who specialized in militia. People who have made enough and who have the time necessary to be an extra set of hands. 100 from each state. 5,000 could take out one of them forest fires, if there are flood problems. Make sure river is dredged, like it used to. ...

I want everyone out there to think about everything. Our judicial system needs to be restructured badly. What’s legal ain’t lawful, what’s lawful ain’t legal. If you can pay it you’re in good shape, if not, you go to jail, etc. I need people to think about how to go about getting excited. What kind of excitement would get people excited?


Drake: The Transpacific Partnership. Strictly corporate deal. Lot’s of slave places all over planet like they are in Dubai. When you can’t eat, you will do anything. Neon God = consumerism. The corps first took all our privacy. On the internet, ads, programs on TV and radio. They know what color underwear you wear, where you put your keys, purse down, where you park. They know where you go in the house what you first look at, the first time of drink you get. They know the brands. They know the color of container. They know which coffee maker you have and color. If you get into it and look, google search yourself, then go into marketing, you will find out how much they know. They don’t care about your credit rating. They just care that you are buying things. They have decided to put this all to use. When you apply psychology to the Neon God. You remember stuff if it is done in a certain way. From the person selling, you have the other end of the scale. Slavery. No security camera open to the public.

Corporate side: You give up your passport, if you want a job. Expendability. Your labor, our efforts (expect reward, bonus, etc). You don’t get one. Fact: Corporate Fascism which is the pre existing condition of full out communism. Corporations have NO SOUL. No conscience there, only oriented to what they make. Tokyo Power company frying their people. Expendable assets. TPP is the same as Corporate Fascism. It’s a corporate agreement. It’s not a treaty.

Freedom efforts: Talk to people, open up slowly. You gotta! We are running out of time. Once you start something, it’s going to keep going. There’s documentation that I have access to that is going to blow people’s mind. Paper work is prepared, only thing left is to file it, then banking system is done. Military doesn’t want to take over. Notification process was put into record and put into int’l court of Hague. Won’t say name of project, told not to. Paper work is made, valid and validity is that it was not rejected. This tells me that it has validity as it stands. A majority of states submitted freedom paper work. Original documents of how this country was put together, package contained cover letter stated clearly: We are as a group making the Declaration that we are no longer under the corporate thumb. It is oppressive and against the people, and we are not going to be ruled under that. The approval of the paper work. “They” are surprised at how quickly we got it done.” Can take military action to replace govt. If there is a military take over. Paper work gives them civilian authority to take over after mass arrests. Provisional operational govt. The people placed in these provisional offices are squeaky clean. Temporary as the power will be returned to the people. This is what they have agreed to do. By agreeing to follow plan, that is a brave stand, this is why I suggest everyone be ready to be called on. Be willing to put everything in to it. These people for the first time! 75% of govt on our side. I’m looking forward to happen.

I AM NOT calling for an uprising on Friday, but depending on the vote, depends on the reaction of some people I don’t have control over. I am not advocating violence. Go to sheriff and say we need to put some criminals away. Get an affidavit of truth by a citizen, and it is an executable warrant. Put them in the slammer. Start educating yourself to be prepared. The person you see in the mirror is your white knight.

Minute Man: When you are talking to people, make sure you have a smile on your face.

Lady Dragon: On Tuesday the House of ?? is expected to vote on Tuesday on bill that would allow congressional audit of Federal Reserve. Bernake told the House, it would open the door to a nightmare scenario. (for them, not us). Tuesday, Ron Paul have found 274 sponsors. Find those supporters, call them and thank them. If the ones are not supporting, call and tell them they are wrong. Be polite and nice. Have a polite educated conversation with them.

Drake: The people on TV know what is going on but they aren’t allowed to something.

Denise: Thanks to many for helping keep this going. When you listen to archives, please take a moment to click on Advertisement when the play back comes on helps me pay for the radio station and domain. Global Voice. us website, donate button. Monthly costs are in excess of 350 dollars, every month, I will put out a monthly statement of what we receive and what our expenses are.

Questions: Any validity to European report to the military taking Obama out. Now they have several people who could serve in the capacity. yes, this is real.

What about Bill Ayers, his wife and son, are they on the list: They are on a whole bunch of different lists. To be taken out of the positions they are in. None of it is a pretty picture. Anyone in a critical position can be replaced

Coup de etat? How is this action defined. Either the military takes a part. The first arrest. WE THE PEOPLE have to do this. If someone can do it, then I can do it too. The military is looking to join with us in making sure it is non violent. Want to take people into custody, no shooting. DON”T GO SHOOTING PEOPLE> We are better than they are. They need to be shown that there is a law about that and we intend to enforce it.

Can people be arrested at the signing of the treaty: It’s a matter of public record, so it doesn’t matter to me when they get arrested. It;s not critical that they can arrest them there, would be nice.

Many people are curious if Drake thinks Aurora is a false flag attack: Yes. Brainwashing. There is control of any individual. Anyone can be programmed to be violent. A trigger can be used to control someone now. I find it odd that this man could get these kinds of weapons, and odd that he left them in his car. Too many things in the twin towers, too. I would say it’s a staged deal.

Could you please say something about people from other countries, like Brazil. The impact is simple. If you take central banking system down, lots of countries will suffer for short time. A lot of smaller countries rely on support of a central bank, and it runs through our system generally, most are. The inpact could be extraordinary for a short time. There is a lot of assistance coming from our country.

No treaty can superceded constitution, so why are they even trying. Obama and Hilary are guilty of treason. Other agreements in place that subjugate our freedoms from the back door. Possible to put things in place that people didn’t see in a treaty or agreement. Look what’s in Obamacare! This treaty does have holes in it where people could come get our guns.

How Sheriff Joe’s info on birth certificate would get him out: I believe that the take on fraudulent position is the easiest and best.

No govt should use fraud against anyone? For or against? For!

Why have ET’s not arresting bad guys since they are arrested. Don’t like to get into ET’s. We look at plan. We are to take care of our problems as much as we can, before our time table runs out. They want to see us do as much on our own as possible. They have to stand back and watch. We are watching for military, and they are watching us to do something.

Is the 20 million or so ET’s underground still planning to take action. Cobra said 50-60 million before, but 20 million can help. They are here and on standby, and waiting for citizens of US to remove them.

Good guys, are they going to take radio and air waves soon? Or will they be waiting for something to happen like on the 27th?

Lady Dragon: Everyone should have walkie talkies, CBs ham radio. Even if they shut down internet. Alien spaceships in Dakotas stopped a missle.If they do, it would be for one day.

Please let Drake know we appreciate all notifications and keeping up to date.

You say citizens should work with law officials, should we coordinate that we have the right, the jurisdiction, etc lined up.

Drake: Yes, coordination between law enforcement, FBI, etc. You can do recon and get a good idea when they will be home, if you are going to do it at their house. If office, you need to know something about office, need to know exits, so they don’t get away.

Rather than small groups, could we have a central point where more gathered to back up.

I would suggest individual small group basis. Evidence is known to disappear, they have fires. If you find hard documented evidence... copy, and make sure origninal is in safe place. Offer copy, but offer original upon incarceration. When the original is put with copy and seen to be as the copy, no question. It supports all actions taken.

Oath Keeper: Are the joint chiefs of staff are traitors... DId the joint chiefs say everyone to shove it.

Drake: Can’t find it. I would love to get a hold of that info. You would be hero if you want to be known, but I would do it for you if you don’t want to be known.
A lot of corruption at the higher level of commands. Truth is a problem of validation. I won’t know if clean or dirty based on evidence.

People like this rapid fire questioning:

Isn’t general Martin Dempsey a good guy? Yes

Minute Man: Can one join a militia without being a gun toting type. Yes they can.

If Obama knows 75% is against the cabal, how does he expect to enforce martial law?

Drake: Why do you think nothing hasn’t happened?

Carl Rove arrest attempt, and trespassing conviction. Why did this fail. Local police refused to do anything. how could they have avoided the trespassing charges.

Drake: Only takes one officer, need a federal officer (marshall or FBI) variety of different federal officer. When you have that in place, then you take your actions. Carl Rove does need to be arrested, but do it right.

Why does your site have a green light? Can turn it off. Next green light is the next major green light.

Who do we go to for arrests if our sheriff is corrupt? Assistants, run down chain of command. Each one has a sworn oath to help you. If not, they need to be jailed. If sheriff won’t cooperate, and next in command will. Simple.

How do we get military support if our military is out of country. The amount of military has not been tapped. You have national guard all over the place, you have the standing active military all over the US. You have situation where militia is in state, unless there is a need to combine. Variety of things that go into this. Militia is made up of people in local, county, state. That is your militia area, but you can combine.

Do the good guys have track of Jesuits and Vatican? There are some things that are coming about that will be surprising. Won’t say anymore.

For Lady Dragon. how is hte freedom movement progressing in Canada, and if the Canadians are wanting to get involved, who do they get in touch with? Canada has more and more are awake. If they need info contact me. Every day new news of what we are doing. On site you will find cutting edge of the knowledge. You will always be in the loop. I have a back log of at least three days of news. I talk to Drake every single day. Canada has done a lot of things lately. People are coming forward with lawsuits.

Is Canada taking the same steps that US has done, and if so, how does it stand. They have been working on paper work for over 12 years, and ready to move forward at the right time.

Who can I contact in North Carolina. RAM (didn’t get site spelling), get NC group from there.
Same for Nebraska.

Minute Man: Drake’s site is info site for current and upcoming news. My site is for people to join, communicate and build their groups. It’s good to join your state group and message everyone in your group.

About Hilary signing UN ban. What do we do if she actually signs it? She’s so guilty I don’t know which way she needs to be thrown. Doesn’t matter. Secretary of State doesn’t have authority to sign anything dealing with legislation.

Who is putting on weird posts on websites that don’t pertain to his website? Please clarify and send to

Drake: One I sent today is weird is about psychology. It makes a lot of sense. The neon god we made. Fruit loops.

For Rick: I had written to the RAM site, contacted Nebraska two weeks ago, no response. Other avenues. Create your own group. Many don’t have groups in their area. Someone has to take responsibility to take bull by horns and get going.


Mike from Seattle: One comment for Lady Dragon: 200 people. Many times you have stipulated you are a nationally known journalist, we have found no proof. you report news that is two days old from other sites. I know you mentioned filing of papers. Where are the filing of papers? Any link to a page that you have done any filing? Other than the Vatican issue, no

Drake, two weeks ago, you said that there would be a financial green light, what is going on with that and why didn’t you go to California and arrest those people? Why didn’t you go to California...

Lady Dragon... Drake....

That was supposed to be a comment. Let Lady Dragon respond. You called in to start trouble. This is a place to help people, I have been around before google. Be careful about slandering my name. The paper work will be out in it’s due time, just like Neil Keenan.

Gloria from Orlando: Last week they had a part of the glacier fall off into the ocean, is that going to cause any coastal flooding if this continues? I would say don’t go riding on the Titanic now. Take a couple of a little stakes, where the surf stops on high tide, continue two feet til you have beach. This is about Planetary Alignment. It’s actually getting colder. There is going to be some global ice melting. You aren’t going to have something similar to tsunami, and won’t be near that quick and will be over several years.

Grammy J: Really thrilled that most of the people are getting the importance of all the info that has been coming out in the last couple of days. White Hat Report, the Neil Keenan email, David Wilcock, the great revealing and that people are passing it out. And that people are getting informed about what is about to happen. The majority of people are getting it and seeing the enormity of all this with you, White Hats and Wilcock. Sometimes it gets confusing and most are getting it and I am super impressed they are getting it. I believe the majority people are realizing how hard we are all working to wake up the planet. I’m there, at your side. Love to all of you.

Denise: Would like to interject, the message that Drake is putting out to all of us. Drake is a messenger. He is not the head hauncho. He has no control over time constraints. He has info that he cannot yet divulge, but as he is able to, he does so immediately. We are all working tirelessly. Whether you support Drake or not, or the freedom movement or not, we try to answer everyone’s questions and concerns. This is a very volatile and emotional time for the planet, and I would ask that everyone understand taht we are all human beings, and every single person plays a part in this freedom. It’s important to everyone on the planet.

Grammy J: Each one of us has a right to make choices, and this is our show. This was made for Drake, the messenger. We have all been call upon. If anyone calls in to attack anyone. The rule is we get to ask one question, I am sure everyone will be more than happy to answer question, to the best of our ability, but no more time should be wasted when the wonderful people are waiting to ask their questions.

Denise: If you have a personal opinion or disagreement with anyone of us. We have email addresses, we have a chat room. If you are calling in with a personal opinion it’s a waste of time here.

Kate: I want to make a comment .. google, is blocking your email. I have signed up for ANmilitia, when I got on the Hilary. I can’t get on the site, no emails. I rebooted. Nothing. Google is not happy with your site. I am a Vietnam intelligence veteran. Google is doing a pretty good job of blocking.

Drake: When you go to make a search. You have options. Use another one. (She has no problem getting in on yahoo). It’s happening, and maybe you can correct it on your end.

Denise, I can set up emails through my website. If need be.

Lady Dragon: There is good and bad in google. Please good people, step it up!

Buck from Atlanta: David Wilcock came up with something this past week (didn’t get it all), critical steps have been taken to remove cabal. Do you agree?

Drake: Sometimes people get it first to get an ok.... Yes, this is valid. I knew about the struggle two months worth of time ago, that the military was having serious problem. They are clamping down on the trouble and taking care of it.

Kari from California: She’s the one who bakes the cookies. Send my email, and I will send freedom chocolate chip cookies. I had a question, but I am going to wait to email it. I would like to say God bless all of you, I love all of you. What everyone is doing is great. Yesterday I was (for Rick) on the militia website after reading emails about Drake. I was trying to inform other members on RAM. They didn’t want to listen and calling Drake a fake and propagandist. Do people not even care in the militia. Unfortunately everyone has their opinion. Sometime the sharing of info gets off point. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion whether they believe in Drake or not.

Denise, you said it keeps 350 a month to keep everything going? We have the radio, website, chat rooms, but the domains to host. It costs right around 350. The radio station is 250. Donations would help, so far it is coming out of my income (Denise). Let me add another 350!

Minute Man: These efforts do cost, and they are not for free, we aren’t being asked to be paid for. Sometimes it comes out of our pockets and we dont’ mind.

Siggy from South Carolina: Comment. The reason it is so hard to get people to listen is because it is such a heinous idea that all these in the govt who are here to serve us are so crooked and corrupt. It’s unbelievable. What I tell people- the Thrive movie, Explosive 9/11, and Inside Job that’s on some of the channels. Matt Damon narrates it. Once you get people seeing these things. We have to get people to understand this and not scare them.

Marilyn from San Francisco: I want to know where I go to find local police officers for the DA’s oath of office, if they don’t have one, what do I do about it? County building, police office?

Minute Man: Google it online in your state or county. Most have something online and you should be able to get the info off of that.

Denise: Some at police station, or city hall. Or just contact your local mayors office to find it

Lady Dragon: Newspaper, bankruptcies. Everyone in local area. Business section. Legal notices. You have phone number and people to reach in their office. This is where you can find sheriff.

Rob from Melbourne Florida: When they sign the document on Friday, is there something you can comment on when you can put that info out so we know?

Drake: As soon as the result is known, it will be posted.

Denise: This will be the shot that is heard around the world. Youstream and everywhere.

Sheila from California: Thank everyone for not being perfect, makes you human. A lot of the freedom workers get on my nerves sometimes, but I love you. If you want perfect go to the pope. If you would educate me and expand on Incas of South America and their relationship with the Zaroastrians, Jehova and Elohim. Can you talk about these things if you would. Thanks again for not being perfect.

Drake: Please put that in an email and send that to us. I have someone who could answer that really well. They did move from northern and southern hemisphere several times.

Eagle: Rick, I have a problem here, I don’t want to be left out in cold. I don’t have internet. How do I get the info? I don’t carry fire arms. I don’t need to have one, I understand. I don’t have a means to get a hold of you other than telephone, and you could call me, so you can tell me how I can get in and participate.

Rick: I would be glad to do that.

I would like to talk to Drake off line, too.

Denise: Will do !

Ed from California: Heyyyyyyy. Doing a good job. There are still people who are a lightworker. He told the federal marshalls to stand down and not arrest the bankers. George Soros, he wanted to leave on a jet with an extra tank. He and his henchmen were supposed to be going to Chicago on a business deal. Didn’t make it to Chicago, and he went back to France. President is not on our side. Guys like Drake and me, and other veterans, we were in your spot. We the People ... this affects YOU and your family members, if the marshalls and Et’s do nothing, YOU have to move and doing something. Keep the faith and pray. I hope the military is listening.

Bob from South Dakota: Thank Drake for his PTSD article! contacted both my state senators, and through his mouthpiece, the comment was in regards to global arms treaty, the second amendment stay in place, then i got a long pause. He said he would not support it. Makes me think he will vote along party lines, and troubles me considerably. Contacted Sen. John Boone’s office, came straight, would not support or sign on to it. I do have some questions about senator Johnson.

If we don’t make it to your question, please write into And plan to set up a frequently asked questions posted on our site and drakes.

Andrea: Has anybody heard of the possible assassination against Hillary Clinton.

Drake: I find it interested that it didn’t do any good. Generally they fly people, don’t let them run under ground. It’s bogus. They are setting to stage assassination spin on Obama. Propaganda. That’s what that is.

Minute Man: Bosnia incident where she mispoke.

Phil from Mexico: Do you know one of the people if one of the people that authored ?? the idea of a new pearl harbor, they were behind the 9/11. They aren’t our friends you know what I mean.

We are out of time.

(Last five questions can be found in the archives of this show

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