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Drakes Mid Week Call Transcript

Transcript – Drake’s Mid-Week Update July 18, 2012

Notes from Drake’s Show, July 18, 2012
No earthshaking news. I didn’t get the documentation I was supposed to get on time for the show. I can speak about it though, however, I would rather read it first. As soon as I can get this stuff, I’ll put it up.

Lady Dragon:
FBI in New Jersey raided home of mayor of New Jersey. Reported by MSNBC
National Standards Enforcement Agency: Waste management were dumping over 30 million tons of toxins and sewage. Has a lot of documentation on her site about it. Drake: Research and do something about it.
CIA sued for targeted Drones strike for killing 3 US citizens over seas without bringing them to trial. ACLU.
Drake: Load of drones ready to go. No action of any kind, means no action is going to be taken. Current administration is in situation with no cash to do things. Currency is devaluing. People running for door due to no cash. President, maybe, have a tendency to stay around to stay around and say what happened and why.
Many insiders with info that everyone needs to know. I would like insiders to come forward and expose the problem.
100,000 reward for people with info. Documents, etc.
A lot of rumors and what ifs about emergency declarations. It’s all contained in one simple posting.
NATO has implemented and established huge disinformation campaign. NATO nations are wealthy. Loads of insider leaked info. Foreign troops on ground (one million), only 12. Some in Slovania and Iraq. This was supposed to be the invasion. Troops coming after us… Hasn’t been happening. Now we have witnesses that aren’t dying. 90% troops said they weren’t going to engage us.
Fun and games news: Officers in militia are responsible for their people and areas. Seems Mr. Turner screwed up in front of militia. People there, got up threw things and left. He’s trying to tell them he is their commander. Several thousand that got upset. This is passing through militia ranks.
Birthers- people who decided document submitted by Obama was not correct. Sheriff Ajero (sp), found out there is a hole in the immigration system. It’s online.
Minute Man: Where’s the microfilm? Proving Obama’s birth certificate is real.
Drake: Where’s the ledger?

Someone said I should lead by example and make first arrest.
Minute Man: FBI are the federal law enforcement agency. Created to arrest bad politicians doing bad things. Too much power, subverting their agency. Their are patriots within the FBI. They are realizing that they made mistakes. Two years ago they made public a report about civil liberties being tread upon.
Denise question: We have gone from sit back, watch FW, militias don’t have to do anything, now we are being told to do it ourselves. Why is the military not doing their job? FBI upholds communist entities.
Will have docs tomorrow or tonight for sure.
Misinformation about FBI and law enforcement is gross.
You have some law enforcement that are nasty. They will try to get you something to do wrong, so they can mistreat you. This is not prevalent (1% or less).
I promised some earth shaking news.
The general public is probably aware that there were liens filed against Federal Reserve banks. The judge wanted to dismiss it, but couldn’t. Mr. Keenan went through with the law suit. From what I understand, there’s been a refinement and inclusion of new evidence to the case. Some goes back a few years. Some current. I discussed with Mr. Keenan, the procurement of documents. Posted signed documents, but now waiting for final signatures. May or may not be time consuming. Promised before show tonight. Was going to show it was refiled. I know it has been refiled. Original liens were not part of the lawsuit. That means the liens have been in effect. The liens have not been answered and are in default. This in itself, is going to close the central banking system. Anyone doing business with central banking system, they have no where to go. In order to print money, you need collateral. The collateral has been closed up to these entities. They tried to issue fraudulent documentations that gave them to print more money. Currency is only honored in G5 and G20, and leaves out rest of planet. Main gist. When a judgment has been registered in terms of lien. Have a certain amount of time to respond. Enforcement depends on qualified defence, why shouldn’t it be enforced. They did not respond to the lien itself. The liens have put the central bank into fault. Then everyone has real live validation about what I have been talking about.
I don’t want to jeopardize what we are doing or put any individual in danger. If I said names, they would be dead in a minute.
I don’t validate so people stay safe. There is a bunch of people who I have contact info for, names, addresses. It’s not going anywhere. It ain’t going to happen. When the time is right, then and only then, will it happen.
I can’t help if someone doesn’t like it. 4th of July, you have to look overseas, in different places. Something that happens, has effects all over the place in different ways. Liens not withdrawn. This puts them in default. The only ruling that can be made, is a judgment for the Plaintiff. This is the collateral accounts. They have to pony up enough gold bouillon, not only what they have, but owe 4% on that. If you take all the gold and all the silver, wouldn’t pay 4% or principal. Our corporate govt is real, and they are BUSTED BROKE, cannot function on a financial basis. As this other lawsuit hits, it will be enforced. They will not be able to print any more money. They can’t borrow, can’t sell. Usually fold up their tent.
This is the part that screws everyone’s mind. It was put out that they want to surrender. They are still negotiating and trying to surrender. Some individuals want to. If banking system would vaporize and start over. Totally transparent and honest, low interest rates or no interest. This is there. People who have owned the central banking system and made it into a crooked deal. These people are done. Whatever they have stolen, they can use it as their severance pay. Moneys that have been liquidated. Gold bouillon is gone.
If NESARA. It was confirmed that the copy exists, and it’s in a safe place. They are going to enter it into evidence. Special funds overseen by citizens. Fractional banking will quit. Neil Keenan refilling suit, and will cause things to register on Richter scale.
Minute Man: Was never the military’s job to secure all our freedom. Our freedom was to be secured by each of us. To throw that on the military is unfair. We don’t have to do it on their own. You just didn’t understand. If you involve everyone the way it is now, you place the responsibility around the board. We have to be careful about what we like and dislike. We have both now. We have to stick to what is right and what we have to deal with now. It’s the reality. Getting together as patriots and getting with law enforcement and military. Think of your family’s liberty and everything you have fought for. When FBI and others seeing others are behind the calls. How can they say no to all these American patriots.
Minute Man FBI informant: laughs heartily
Drake: Aaron has talked to lawyer who is handling directly. What is your take on the difference, want people to hear truth.
Aaron: Had Benjamin Fulford on my show. I contacted lawyer: The judge looked at it and said, “Hey we have jurisdictional issues with your lawsuit.” The lawyer withdrew the case himself without prejudice. Will readmit. Subject Matter Jurisdiction. Keenan and the defendants have be litigate in proper arena. First thing a lawyer brought up is jurisdiction. He didn’t want to hazard that. It could have been dismissed with prejudice and would have a hard time refiling.
No attacks, nothing out of the norm. None of the defendants have been served yet, so we are right at the beginning of the lawsuit. Bernake, etc. This is from the horses’ mouth.
Drake: Neil is not a lawyer, so he may have messed up what he told me.
Aaron: There was NOT a strong attack on the lawsuit. This is not about mass arrests.
Denise: Green light, go viral, be available to assist. The mass arrests were supposed to be by whom? By people?
Minute Man: If military did that, it would have been a military coup. It’s our responsibility. It was always up to the people to make the right contacts.
Corporate America or Republic? When did it change, and why don’t people know.

Drake: It’s hidden. Your small town is incorporated, for legal defense. So the corporation is an entity, and the individuals are not responsible. The date 1890’s around there with the 14th amendment
Denise: Some dead on both sides in gun battles in several states as hundreds of cabal were arrested.
Drake: Asked GFL for names. You absconded with people and you can’t show they are gone. The people and I would like validation.
Minute Man: Would have been contacted on that one.
Denise: How are we going to deal with Black Ops members, and how will they be identified?
Drake: Some will never be known as BO, some will be easy, and some will be attempting to disappear. Black Ops means that they change dental records and SS and make them disappear. Watch for people with no fingerprints. The underside will look like scar tissue of fingers. Bring everything out in the light. When you show their laundry in public..
Jack from Ohio: Military tacked out?
Drake: We will. Had to see what people were willing to do and dealing with it correctly. My last insider news on military, some 75 percent on our sides fully. another 10-20 would follow along. My suggestion is that the military will be part. Time is not yet. Cannot give answer yet as to what and possibly when. I was supposed to have documentation today to tell me when, but I didn’t get it.
Kari from California: Minute Man, through to Tony Burke, and to all other fellow patriots. I signed up for California militia today. Read scary report. UN small arms treaty, UN troops have been ordered to kill any and all Americans that don’t surrender fire arms.
Drake: NATO is to put out and implementing a huge disinformation campaign. This is included. UN gets their troops. Notice if anyone has large amounts of fully equipt of foreign troops getting off a trip. This is fear porn. Most of these are designed as rumor, so we act out and get us to do things we aren’t supposed to do. I would suggest it is bogus.
Gramy J: Disinfo is spreading fear porn. We have people that work and are paid for them. Spreading info about patriots. I can’t believe the lies about some people to try to get people to not to listen to Drake. We are but one small piece of the puzzle. Everyone that is out there fighting for freedom, or supporting anyone fighting, it is part of the big picture. We are just sand on a beach. We need to work together and stop listening to crap about people. I know we are being lied about everyday.
Marilyn from San Francisco: Minute Man, you mentioned Tony Burke, have been in California militia. On coastal side of San Fran, is that that Sergeant Gonzalas here?
MM: Are you part of RAM Regulated American Militias. You will find many members of California’s state militias.
Drake, you mentioned organization offering 100,000 reward. They have impeccable integrity. They went through everything, never gave up and succeeded. Called Bank Fraud Conversion. Get a hold of Drake if you want to work with them.
Wyatt from New York: Got a different take on Obama. I am finding that his mom was an American and father wasn’t. Makes him not a citizen. He came to America as a foreign exchange student. Parents have to be American citizens. Makes him ineligible.
Drake: Don’t impeach. Need to remove for other causes. Nobody will entertain that idea, and it’s been ruled in court that the documentation he has provided is correct, but it was shown to be not valid. Remove the man for other causes because it will probably be easier.
Wyatt: Getting hold of militia in upstate New York.
Denise: Go to RAM Well regulated America Militias.

MM: RAM growing at tremendous speed.
Ochsana in New Mexico: Dirty tricks going on. When this show comes on, within minutes my computer freezes up. Ben Fulford’s site won’t take payments anymore through paypal. No she can’t get on Ben Fulford’s site. Has happened to others, too.
Story about cop protecting her and the constitution! Message to military and law enforcement. My dad fought in 3 wars. I am your grandmother, mother, wife, sister, daugther. Take care of us, military and militia!

Buck from Atlanta: Niburu, is that for real, or is that nonsense perpertrated by elites.
Drake: From what I have it’s real, depends on your attitude (position of earth). It has been explained to me by several people. It could be a danger. It is being hit by small asteroids, and its trajectory. The ET’s were supposed to be doing this. I have a friend in NASA that other people don’t get. I told him he was full of it, and he sent me a picture and changed my mind. It is true, but it’s being taken care of it. You aren’t going to have the pole changes and other fun that you have been talking about.
Minute Man has a triple rainbow going on right over his house now.
Bob in NC: Eye witness account to take over of Ethiopia:
Send email
Daniel from Illinois: A lot of garbage out there, takes you off course. Lot of good people on this all over.
Jim in Georgia: Federal Marshalls say they don’t expect a lot to go on til after October. Do you know Major Ed Danes. Is he credible? He’s denied allegations from people, and he got agitated and resorted to personal ridicule. Usually when that happens, it’s a personal matter. I think his security clearance is in jeopardy.
Drake: I’m familiar with him. He’s credible. But it could be his clearance is in jeopardy. If you lose it, you can get reduced in rank, and given some funky position. It’s difficult to defend yourself in terms of being forthcoming, and not say anything. I know what he is dealing with because I deal with it a lot.
Jim: Some kids were in a class with Barack Obama. The jump seat to Mars. Sounds to me BO is part of the black ops and has been for many years. Drake: I have checked, no links, so I can’t say one way or another. He has been stated to be a good guy and I don’t think so.
Question for MM: Is it true that you and others were to stand down with others when the arrests were happening
Drake: Process of stand down was questioned by me. When I asked how they would like to get info out, they said, they wanted it to go out on the internet. I said, what do you mean? They wanted it out as much as possible on internet. The stand down dealt with specific project that referred to. Two sets of people who know of each other and the set of officers I am dealing with are tacticle. This is different from other portions of service. Military people understand. If they ask me to not divulge info or put info out, or address the troops as I was requested to do. I don’t have a problem serving however they need me to serve. I know who is asking, then I will comply. If it is a bogus request, and I have had several… You’d be amazed at how many invalid requests from officers and people in command. NATO huge disinfo comapaign. They do a lot to discredit people who are real. As far as things running all the way to end of year. Depends IF people stand up and do so in a correct manner so they are doing so with law enforcement and not stepping up on their own accord without violence, and get us going in the right direction. That is a request of me, that I ask people to do this. At a certain point, the pressures against bad guys, most people who are hiding out will have to show themselves, they won’t have a choice. Combination their willing to help and will stand up in large numbers, now we need to help them.
Chris in Dallas: For Drake, US air force, He would not go along with bill. How can anyone swear an oath of office to defend constitution and go against the very document you are swearing to. 70 admitted socialist and communist in Congress… Who has the authority to remove them.
Drake: On my website you can see what citizen’s arrest parameters are. Each state has state laws dealing with that. Submit through sheriff to individual. But if sheriff takes it on his own rights, he can do that too. Progressivism, means to move away from any base defined authority, you progress to where there is no authority. That is what the idea is behind communism and socialism. Society being used in a definitive direction for gain, is Communism. Can’t hold anyone responsible, but everyone is in charge of you. Being on food stamps, etc, is not functional. It will be adjusted to the individual’s advantage. People in those situations are there needlessly.
Chris: Does a sergeant at arms have ability to arrest?
Drake: Depends which kind. Depends on their office is defined.
Melanie from NY: Acknowledge Denise. I went on to CNBC to watch Berneke’s testimony regarding Libor Scandal. A small problem with some of the bank. He freaks out on TV, a manipulation is a manipulation whether it’s small or not. Who is Neil Keenan and what authority does he have?
Drake: Is an individual like me who had questions asked of him to help out. From there it is responsible he has access to collateral accounts of wealth of world. He has access to accounts back to Soloman’s mines. The authority has been given to him by the very families who own the accounts. Neil said when asked, he wasn’t sure if he could do what they wanted him to do . He found out if he can do it. They are for the people of the world. The authority was given to him in terms of account structure and people to take care of that account. The moneys in these accounts are for we the people in terms of what it takes to make our lives easier. Some rich families have decided to earn everyhing, and they tried to strip accounts, through manipulations, subterfuge, paper work and financial control of the people. I doubt that there is a place for these guys to be safe for these people To set this free, to go about this in a more open, honest and legal manner than they have ever afforded us. This is why no violence, partnering with law enforcement, reason for going through court action. Back in the day in Germany, some didn’t act right, and a country collapsed, they were killed. That was instant gratification, but I’d rather see someone swap flies in a FEMA camp rather than advantage of a quick death. Some soruces they say they can be rehabilitated, and another says banking system can be repaired, and we the people can make sure it will never happen again.
Can a detective help me arrest or a I would suggest law enforcement.

Bob in NC: What does Drake see happening with psychic powers.
Drake: I see a whole bunch of changes.
John in Pennsylvania: What’s going to happen to all the inmates who have outrages sentences and outrageous bills. Is there going to be some light on that?
Drake: Common Law. We are on Maritime law now. CL: If you don’t have an injured party or damaged property, you don’t have a crime. Simple. Morality. Golden rule, a person’s rights ends where the other person’s nose begins. As we know it, legal system, extraordinary changes, and can expect these changes soon.
John: I told my cell mate what you told me, my cell mate, and he laughed, and I told him I would be back for him.
Denise: Might we have Keenan, Scott or Wilcock on show with you.
Drake: Possible but not probable. Neil doesn’t like spotlight. But it might be interesting for him to explain situation in a short interview after things are set free. Ben is on vacation. Keith Scott involved in law suit as well as Winston Shrout.
Have legal experts who teach constitutional law.

Denise: Military has not told people before Drake. Why do you speak on behalf of military.
Drake: That is a security question. They could be in great danger if people could know who they are. That is why I am vague.
Denise: Other guests for other shows. Thrive people, Dr. Stephen Greer and a few other exciting people, and if you have suggestions for people, let us know. That would be a nice thing, too.
Closing remarks:
MM: Time to round and sound off…. let’s bring patriots. Let’s git er done


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