Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Benefits of Affiliate Advertising

Affiliate advertising programs are endorsed by some of the largest online companies. How is that so? Many online giants are using affiliate marketing to make money and here are a few: Google adwords, Amazon Affiliates, Commission Junction, and ClickBank.

The big difference with Abundant Living Affiliate Program is that it's designed toward smaller merchants that have little or no depth in an online presence.

I have worked with small businesses for many years, along with doing a sizable tour in the corporate world, in building a successful web presence for marketing purposes.  From that experience, I have learned the main reasons a small business fails in the online market place:

- lack of funds to do what is "right" in marketing
- lack of skills and initiative to maintain a blog or web site
- lack of funds to hire skilled people to do the "right" tech stuff

One of the "right" actions in marketing is establishing some street cred about your product or service. When you become an advertiser in the Abundant Living Affiliate Program by August 15,  2012, we will write a review of your product or service. Plus, we will SEO that article and put it on a web site that has a page rank of three or higher. AND, we will submit it to 100 search engines every week for the next four months.

You, the merchant, doesn't have to do anything to build, maintain, or optimized your launch page in the Abundant Living Affiliate Network. We will do it all - you just have to keep running you business and doing the "normal" stuff that you do so well. We take care of the tech stuff for you - forever.

One more perk to advertisers is worth mentioning here.  When you become an advertiser we waiver the annual fee. That's correct. You pay a one time fee to be in the Abundant Living Affiliate Program when you join by August 15, 2012.  After that, all you will ever pay is the commission to affiliates when they sell your stuff.

In summary, Abundant Living Affiliate Program takes care of their merchant advertisers by establishing some credibility about their wares with a highly visible educational article, takes care of the tech stuff, and helps 'em expand their sales force. Plus, when merchants jump in by August 15, 2012 - they pay a one time fee to be an advertiser - forever.

To get more information about the Abundant Living Network Program visit this page: http://discernmenttimes.com/abundantliving/index.html

Blessings, Steu

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