Monday, July 23, 2012

Aurora - Serious Questions that beg for answers -

One of the most unbelievable explanations that I heard regarding this crime is the fact that this college student with no military training was able to booby trap his apartment, to such a degree of sophistication, that the ATF and FBI took several hours to gain entrance to his apartment.

It has been suggested that this bright graduate student learned how to construct booby traps from the Internet. As implausible as it seems to me, I have to wonder if the Internet also taught this young terrorist how to shoot straight and master a multitude of weapons as well as the learning and the execution of advanced commando skills?
Where did Holmes practice to learn the skills and more importantly, how did this PhD student find the time to train to such a level of sophistication that the Israeli commandos at the raid on Entebbe would be envious at the skill and precision displayed by Holmes in this gruesome attack?

How did Holmes gain entrance into the highly secured rear doors of the movie theater, armed with alarms, without inside help?
The short answer to all of these questions is that he couldn’t and he didn’t.
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