Saturday, February 11, 2012

The real agenda behind war with Iran

Want to learn how to crack the code on the real agenda behind the threat of war in Iran?

While I'm watching the corporate news I often find myself translating it into what I would be hearing if they were actually telling us the truth.

Part of what I do is "follow the money", so I know to look for clues in the currencies used to exchange the oil. I have also learned always to check the Problem-Reaction-Solution model that we outlined in THRIVE:

(1)  Create or capitalize on a problem.

(2)  Incite a fearful reaction.

(3)  Implement an already prepared 'solution' that further centralizes control, but which would have been previously unacceptable.

Please check out my new video blog post  to discover how Problem-Reaction-Solution reveals the real story behind the flow of money, and how it relates to the threat of war with Iran... AND what you can do about it.

Foster, Kimberly, and the THRIVE team

PS - Thanks for forwarding this email to your social networks so they can learn to decipher the corporate news and help to stop another potential war.

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