Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Understanding Ascension - How To Lead A Life Of The Fifth Dimension

Three signs that the Ascension process is in full gear: increased energy in all aspects, ability to manifest much more quickly on what your focus is, and increased levels of chaos.

The key is this, listening to your inner guidance, or not. To be conscious in this amazing period of time you must acquire and exercise discernment in your day to day living. You see, no one can teach you discernment. The 3D world does have a book on it. This was never taught in public education. This skill of discernment is what you acquire walking your spiritual path. Sure, you can discuss it with your friends, but discernment is far and beyond anything needing the agreement of another. It is built of the bedrock of your faith and trust in you.

Just to be clear, discernment is another ballpark away from logic. While analyzing the facts and comparing the data is all good - those are functions of the mind, the intellect. Discernment starts in the heart. Discernment involves feeling the vibrations that emanate from the energy of life and don't let that scare you either. Simply stated, discernment is tuning into your inner guidance - very gently waking yourself up.

In case you haven't notice, the main stream news and society in general is not interested in having anyone pick up the discernment skill. They are better off if you do not wake up. The physical world is upside down, right now. It thrives on letting your mind lead your heart. The knack of discernment is consistently discovering your heart and allowing the treasures there to steer you. And no, those treasures are not entangled in emotions, the ego, or the intellect.

What has helped me tremendously in discernment is deciphering the present moment. In order to arrive in the present moment I have been required to perform some amazing letting go. And, believe me, there is not much agreement in the world to let go. Our culture encourages us to eat more, buy more, and fills our awareness with images and objects of what an "ideal" life is made of. Yet, letting go enables you to step back from the mind and touch the magical world of your feelings. Feelings are the doorway to the present moment. I have let to of things, emotions, attitudes, perspectives and much more. Are you willing to let go?

When you can awaken yourself to the feelings you have, right now, they will grow you. Then you choose: keep 'em or, if you don't like what is growing - let 'em go. Of course, you want to release the bad and ugly while accepting love and what is beneficial.

It starts with that spark you have within, that inspiration, that intuitive nugget you stumble upon that stops the numbness and connects you to the wave of your great Self, your multi-dimensional beingness - your I AM Presence.

No one is going to give you discernment. You cannot find it outside of you. The best you can aim for is to heal your awareness of you to a point where you can relax and begin to live in the more subtle world of all you are - the present moment. As you focus more on your feelings, you start expanding your discernment skills to reach farther into the subtle worlds, at that point you are firmly planted in the direction of your multi-dimensional being.

The chaos in this physical world is picking up speed but that doesn't have to affect you negatively, unless you let it. Countries are defaulting on their financial systems. Truth is being released about the criminals that run the governments of countries. Sightings of objects and entities not from this world are becoming more prevalent.

This is a time when brothers and sisters of Star Nations over many galaxies, are here to support us and guide us to move forward. Even within our Mother Earth they have bases from where they watch and observe. Their mission is friendly and they are here to help; however, when your mind if filled with fear you will be unable to discern their true intention. When your intellect is the main interpreter of events, it uses its' logic to analyze and compare - most often this means not accepting what doesn't fit into it's scope of what is familiar.

On the other hand, when you are more stabilized, living your life within your developed skill of discernment, you touch the circumstances in life first with your heart. In this way you imbibe the vibrations of the event. This method doesn't require that you understand what is normal or what fits into your scope of understanding. You don't need your five senses to make the final determination because you have the courage in your heart to listen to the energy; the vibration of life. This is what I call natural living - letting you heart lead your experience.

Being content with yourself - right now - is a positive sign that you are actively practicing and building your skill of discernment. It is easy to see that society is not really promoting you are okay the way you are. These days there is a pill for this and a disease for that symptom. Getting caught up in that downpour of data - or not - is up to you. How you see and perceive life is always up to you. Are you focused in the present moment or relying on past conditioning, old beliefs, or data from some other source?

There is no reason to wait any longer. Start today to connect with your multi-dimensional beingness.

1. Take time each day with yourself to listen within
2. Don't just accept the ideas and concepts of another - try them on and if they don't feel right then let them go
3. Practice listening to your feelings first, let that guide your actions and expressions
4. Don't get stuck in negative emotions or any emotions that bring discontent to you or others
5. Be less judgmental and practice being detached of the outcome, be more fluid
6. Keep your ideas and thoughts to yourself, everyone has plenty of their own, instead 7. provide encouragement and support when asked for your opinion
8. Turn off the television and read a book or article that you are drawn to
9. Slow the pace of your life down, drink good water, and stop eating processed food

If you are looking to read an excellent resource then try this one: Living in the Truth of the Present Moment:

Many Blessings, Steu
Steu Mann is a Reiki Master and private coach. To connect with him and receive a free Reiki session, in person over the phone or using Skype, call him at 541 210 4375. To learn more about Reiki visit this Reiki page.

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