Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Reunification of North Korea and South Korea with Japan. New capital of the union and new global financial centre to be established in Nara Prefecture (Japan). G5 Western banking cabal loses executive traction in Far East.

The covert régime change which took place in North Korea after the assassination by heart attack of leader Kim Jong-il on Saturday 17th December 2011, has changed the board. The removal of the Rothschild puppet has set in motion the energisation of ancient local alliances.

A substantive dialogue is in process about the reunification of the Korean peninsula and, further down the line, about an economic and political union between a united Korea and Japan. The capital being considered for this new supra-national entity is in the region of Nara and Tenri City, south of Osaka, Japan.

The two rival Korean royal houses, the Southern and Northern dynasties, have been competing for control Japan and the Korean peninsula for centuries. The Southern dynasty includes the current Japanese emperor and the hidden government bloodline rulers of South Korea. The Northern dynasty controls North Korea, Northern Japan and Okinawa, and has a powerful influence within mainland China.

The Southern dynasty is the power-group pushing for a unification of western Japan and South Korea, with a new capital city in Osaka. This royal syndicate is allied with the British Royal Family.

Until very recently, the Northern dynasty was in bed with the Rockefeller-Kissinger-Bush Nazi-continuum in the West. Word on the block is that these German/American Skull and Boneswrinklies are being kicked out. From now on, East intends to be East.

The Northern dynasty is keen to build bridges with the Southern dynasty. Both sides want positive, progressive change in the Korean peninsula and in the wider region. High-status planning talks are imminent.


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