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On the Edge of 2012 – The Road to Freedom Is At Hand: Part 2 Sweeping Global Economic Reform Set to Unfold for the World

On the Edge of 2012 – The Road to Freedom Is At Hand: Part 2
Sweeping Global Economic Reform Set to Unfold for the World
News | January 21, 2012
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Many around the world are anxiously awaiting monumental changes to begin to occur in this magical year 2012. Despite barely three weeks into this historic new year, excitement is building almost by the week, if not by the day, that some major events are poised to imminently unfold for humanity.
The most hotly anticipated developments center around the rapid movement towards global economic reform which will, once and for all, break the yoke of control that has been wrapped tightly around the collective necks of the people of Earth. Forever!
Freedom from Economic Slavery!
There are a number of fast moving scenarios that are indicative that something big is about to break wide open on a global level. Perhaps at any moment!
Specifically, for one, a large group of investors, both big time and small, are anticipating an impending revaluation of the Iraqi currency known as the dinar (IQD). Many have invested heavily into this currency on the basis of rampant rumors that it will skyrocket in face value when it is eventually revalued.
Currently the Iraqi dinars are practically worthless as compared to other national currencies. The dinar is now held at a "program" exchange rate, as specified by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), of 1170 dinars per US dollar at the Central Bank of Iraq. But after revaluation, an Iraqi dinar, which may have been purchased for as little as a penny per dinar, may suddenly be worth anywhere from $4 to $5 per dinar, to as high as $8 to $12 per dinar –– a return of 400 to even 1,200 times the original investment!
Apparently, what adds credibility to these rumors is some substantial insider information that our Treasury Department has bought up trillions upon trillions of dinars knowing full well that inevitably there would be a revaluation. Ultimately, the revalued dinars would give a much needed boost to not only the Iraqi and US economies, but very likely the global economy as well.
Iraq particularly needs to revalue their currency in order to overcome years of economic sanctions by the United Nations and to climb out of substantial debt it has incurred to numerous other nations. However, the current world-wide financial crisis is afflicting many countries and is thought to be much, much worse than the mainstream news outlets have reported. In fact, some reports suggest that entire global system is on the verge of collapse if some drastic measures are not taken soon.
The Iraqi Dinars
Many so-called "Dinar Gurus" who have various contacts in Iraq, the Middle East, the US Treasury, bankers, currency dealers, etc., have speculated this revaluation had to occur by December 23, 2011. But it didn't. Still others insisted it had to happen before the end of 2011. But it didn't. Many others believed that it had to occur by January 15, 2012, which would have taken advantage of the Martin Luther King birthday holiday to allow the banks time to prepare for those who will be cashing in. But, alas, it didn't again.
Still, speculation regarding imminent dinar revaluation remains very, very hot at this time. The question now on many people's minds is what is holding this whole process up? Because, as it stands now. so many key indicators have become positive including the readiness of: the Government of Iraq (GOI), Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI), the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the US Department of the Treasury (UST), among others.
What seems to becoming increasingly clear is that this entire scenario is much, much bigger than the revaluation of one particular country's currency. In fact, indications are that the Iraqi Dinar revaluation is just the kick start for a whole chain of major historic events set to unfold that will transform the global economy from its current state of slavery to one of freedom for the entire world!
If that is indeed the case, then it will have been worth the wait.
In fact, further rumors are suggesting that as many as an additional 140 other countries have plans to revalue their own currencies after a revalued dinar is finally released by Iraq. Most of these nations have banded together under an alliance to directly oppose the Federal Reserve and break its death grip on the world economy with an Asian contingency of China, Japan, etc. leading the way.
However, the Dinar revaluation and subsequent other currency revaluation may also be tied to other long rumored economic reform initiatives which have been floating on the rumor mill for years, if not decades.
One of the other more persistent rumors that has been circulating is that the United States is preparing to announce a new currency known as the "Treasury Bill." This new currency will take the United States off the corrupt Federal Reserve dollar/note (FRN), which has been nothing more than a promissory note with no intrinsic value on its own, and put it on a much more stable economic footing. Treasury bills are to be backed by real, tangible assets such as gold, silver and/or oil which would help significantly to stabilize the economy and eliminate inflation altogether.
World rainbow currency - Is this next for the US?
Some have speculated that this new money will be referred to as "rainbow currency" since it will be released in multi-colors for the different denominations. And it is important to understand the significance of a bill vs. a note. A bill is essentially more valuable than a note as it guarantees payment while a note is a merely a promise to pay.
However, yet other indicators which have come from diverse sources such as Ben Bernanke, Lindsey Williams and Benjamin Fulford, who have all claimed that the US government is preparing to announce that the current US Federal Reserve dollar/note will be given a 40 - 50% devaluation, (that's right devaluation), shortly after the release of the revalued Iraqi dinar. Meaning that the amount of money that every US citizen has in dollars could essentially be cut in half. To put it bluntly, if you have 10,000 dollars in your savings or checking account one day you might wake up the next day and find you have only $6,000 to $5,000.
Needless to say, this kind of news would cause a great deal of consternation and perhaps even panic among the people of the United States. However, the plan would be to quickly introduce the new Treasury Bill as soon as a week after, if not the day of, such a devaluation announcement.
As the theory goes, the justification for the devaluation would be necessary in order to bring the US on par with the rest of the world, since the Federal Reserve, which is a privately owned corporation, has overprinted the amount of money reasonably necessary for the global economy thus overinflated the worth of the dollar. Again it is important to recognize that the entire world is under dire economic hardships therefore this kind of drastic act would be taken to save the world economy in the process.
In other words, because the US has dominated the global market in an such an unbalanced fashion since almost 50% of the world's population lives under the poverty line, it is time to level the playing field. To put it in another perspective, almost half the world — over three billion people — live on less than $2.50 a day, according to the IMF, and we as a global community cannot continue on as such. Perhaps to some, this may ominously sound like some sort of socialist movement but that does not appear to be the case.
However, investigators such as Benjamin Fulford have often pointed out that the US dollar is already a global currency and as much as 80% of US dollars are in the hands of foreigners who do not live in United States. Therefore, a devaluation of the Federal Reserve dollar/note could have a devastating effect on many people around the world.
Other long rumored economic reform measures that supposedly may be instituted in the near future compromise a variety of speculative initiatives such as the so-called World Global Settlements, Prosperity Programs (of which there are numerous), the St. Germain World Trust and NESARA (National Economic Security and Reformation Act). However, it should be noted that much controversy surrounds these reforms and only unsubstantiated information exists at this time. Nonetheless, if we employ the adage, "where there is smoke, there is fire," we can safely assume that there is some truth within all of them.
Obviously, the whole idea of global economic reform is a highly complex and challenging problem to solve but may explain why there has been such a long delay in the something like the dinar announcement which may be very likely intimately tied in with this massive global economic plan.
Regardless, we are going to begin to experience a transformation of our economic system in some form or another and 2012 is the year for it. There is no doubt about it.
What seems to be even more clear is that there is no shortage of money in the world. All of the talk about an economic crisis has been merely invented by a highly powerful but equally corrupt cadre of international bankers, or banksters as they are often euphemistically referred to. They have engineered every major disaster, calamity, war, social change and economic upheaval in history and they have attempted to pull off the ultimate check mate of total world domination in their New World Order endgame.
It is now apparent that the global economic crisis that began in 2008 and continues to worsen to this day, was meant to wipe out the middle class so as to create a minority elite rich class and a majority working class. Their objective was to drain off all the wealth of the world and create an array of false scarcities such as energy, food, resources, land, commodities, and of course, money.
To further explore more thorough information on this topic, view the documentary film, "Inside Job" which won an Academy Award in 2010 (see film trailer below). "Inside Job" is an excellent resource to share with others who desire a better understanding of what the mainstream media has not reported on the financial crisis of 2008.
On the other hand, Benjamin Fulford has stated that the financial crisis was the result of direct actions by the Asians, particularly the White Dragon Society (WDS) in taking down the Federal Reserve syndicate. We can assume that Mr. Fulford is correct in his assertions, while at the same we can now more clearly see that the financial crisis was also part of a grand design to bring about the New World Order to control the planet through economic slavery. We remain in the midst of an intense and ongoing battle that is about to take a turn for the better.
Thanks to the work of many brave and dedicated nameless people working feverishly behind the scenes, a long range plan was set in motion decades ago to rid the world of economic bondage. The elitists who have been carefully planning total take over of the planet are now in a state of panic because their objectives have been foiled at every turn.
At this point, with all the corruption and criminality emerging by the day, how anyone can argue that there is not a vast world-wide conspiracy to control the world's economic system is in a state of denial. It is just far too obvious by this time. That is precisely why the Occupy Wall Street movement first targeted the financial district of New York.
Meanwhile, the government and multi-national corporations grows ever more desperate to clamp down on the flow of information through the internet by drafting overbearing legislation such as the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect IP Act (PIPA). While at the same the time the legislators are foolishly hoping to insult themselves from a growing backlash by passing new draconian measures with the new law, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), that allows American citizens to be put in jail without a trial.
David Wilcock has written an excellent series of articles on the history of the global enslavement plan and his most recent edition entitled, "FINANCIAL TYRANNY: Defeating the Greatest Cover-Up of All Time" offers a thorough historical perspective of all the back channel information. It is a quite a long read, but nonetheless, worthy of your time.
There are also two previous parts that were discussed in detail in our prior news article "On the Edge of 2012 – The Road to Freedom: Part 1".
Recently, yet another new important documentary film has been released called, "Thrive," by the husband and wife team of Foster and Kimberly Carter Gamble. The film was given a heavy internet marketing campaign for several months that generated a great deal of buzz, prior to its official internet premiere on November 11, 2011 (11.11.11).
"Thrive" presents a very succinct account of how the international banking cartel has not only corrupted and controlled the monetary system but also energy, education, health care, technology and government systems across the globe.
The documentary clearly lays out the way global domination has been systematically planned out over many decades and who many of the key puppet masters have been behind the scenes. However, conspicuously absent from the list is the Vatican and their covert influence on numerous world events throughout history and quite frankly, this is a glaring omission.
The Vatican has been dropping a series of clues since 2009, and again in 2011, that global economic reform is on the horizon. There can be little doubt that its participation or capitulation simply has to be part of the equation as we have speculated previously. (See our news article "World Sits on the Brink of a New Economic System and Extra-terrestrial Disclosure".)
Nonetheless, the Gambles offer a series of solutions to the problems that are present in the world today at the end of the film. They have also complimented "Thrive" with a thorough cache of detailed research that offers validation of their key points found on their website:
"Thrive" would be another excellent resource to share with your family, friends, business associates and contacts who have little or no understanding of what has really gone on our world over the last 100 years. Although no perfect, it comes with our strong recommendation!
It is anticipated that a whole slew of similarly-inspired documentaries are set to be released that will help to re-educate the people of the world of the true history of their enslavement. Even though Americans see themselves as free people, we have been anything but.
It is a story that is long, long overdue to be told and far too much time has been lost living in denial and ignorance, particularly by the people of the US. But thankfully, those days must and are finally coming to an end.
The year 2012 has long been expected to see many great changes envelope planet Earth. If the month of January is any indication, that promise seems about to be fulfilled.
We are sitting at the threshold of the most profound and most stupendous changes ever witnessed in the history of the human race. It is important that as these changes begin to roll out, one by one, that we do not react with fear. But rather, trust that the Divine is fully in charge now and everything that is about to transpire you contracted for before even being borne into a human body. Perhaps you even came specifically to Earth to help with this process.
The days of Heaven on Earth are emerging, moment by moment. These are the times that many lightworkers, wayshowers, wanderers and waves of souls have been thoroughly anticipating with great hope.
Now is the time to rejoice that all of your prayers are about to be answered. Let the good times roll! 

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