Monday, January 23, 2012

Laarkmaa: Chinese symbolism representing this year as a Dragon remind us that this is an unsettling, exciting, and creative time

Tomorrow is the beginning of the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Dragon. The New Moon will be in Aquarius tomorrow, reminding us to collaborate and cooperate, for we are one. The Pleiadian-Mayan Day Energy will begin a period guided by the Light Pulse that catalyzes changes, beginning with Day energy of 8 Cimi, representing Abundance, Connection, and the ability to transcend anything. The Pleiadians have explained to us that since October 11, 2011, all energies are available to us to use as we resonate with them. However, as long as we are functioning under the illusion of time, certain energies (such as 8 Cimi tomorrow) can be felt more easily than the other available energies. While Laarkmaa repeatedly tells us that all systems are meant only as guidelines until we learn how to transcend them, we can look to the energies of which we are aware and utilize them to encourage us as we accelerate the movement on our individual and collective paths.

Ideas around 2012 or  the Chinese symbolism representing this year as a Dragon remind us that this is an unsettling, exciting, and creative time, full of dynamic extremes and opportunities to overcome challenges. Our guides have pulled back, reminding us that all the answers we need are within ourselves.  Laarkmaa has offered personal synchronizations with individuals dedicated to personal growth in order to help remove blockages and give a broader perspective to challenges (Link to synchronizations). Our Pleiadian friends have been speaking on specific themes lately, but the focus is always on taking responsibility for every choice we make, moment by moment. Recently Laarkmaa spoke about children, giving us some very new ideas of how to love, nurture, and support them during these times and showing us things we must stop doing regarding the welfare of our children (Link to mp3  - Look for Special on Children).

If you would like to ask questions or connect with Laarkmaa, please join us on our Live International Call tomorrow at 11:00 PST (Live Call). There is no cost for joining tomorrow's Live Call, and a recording will be made for purchase so that everyone can hear what Laarkmaa has to say.  We, Cullen and Rebecca, are dedicating all of our time to making Laarkmaa available to all who wish to connect with our Pleiadian friends.

Love and Light,

Cullen and Rebecca,

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