Sunday, January 15, 2012

[DrRichBoylanReports] Cabal Col. Alexander's Last Stand

    This report is dedicated to the thousands of persons who have been harassed, kidnapped, psychotronically zapped, telepathically haunted, intimidated, molested, tortured, raped, and/or killed by Cabal psy-war master-mind John B Alexander.
    Yesterday I reported on a group of six Marines, off-duty on a weekend Saturday, who decided to deal with Cabal sadist and serial pedophile John B. Alexander, who was hiding out in a Cabal safe house right next to the Marine Corps Air-Ground Combat Center, 29 Palms, California. These six Star Seeds consisted of 4 Lance Corporals, 1 Sergeant, and 1 Master Sergeant. In the finest tradition of the Corps this crew was a mix, 2 Hispanics, 2 African-Americans, and 2 whites.
    As repeated below in two previous reports, these intrepid Marines went to the Cabal safe house but Alexander had been tipped off and had already fled. These young men gave chase by car, proceeding up CA Hwy 247 at high speed.
    The Cabal safe-house minder drove Alexander at speeds in excess of 100 mph (161 km/hr) the length of CA Hwy 247 to Interstate 15, and then proceeded northeast on I-!5 at similar speeds towards Nevada.  
    The 29-Palms Marines had requested help from a couple Marines situated at Fort Irwin to the north to get ahead of the car carrying Alexander on I-15 and block his escaping into Nevada (and Area 51).
    The 29 Palms Marines continued their pursuit of Alexander for about 100 miles on I-15. At a point 9.94 miles (16 km) north of Baker, CA, Alexander told his driver to pull off onto a dirt-and-sand rough side road to the right of the Interstate.  (GPS coordinates: 35 deg., 21',26.86" No. Lat.; 115 deg,55', 37.64" West Long.)
   They then proceeded about 1/10 of a mile (0.15 km) south on the side road until their car bogged down in the sand. Alexander and his driver got out when they saw the Marines catching up and pulling off behind them. Alexander and his driver started off on foot southwest across the desert in the dark and got about 130 feet (39m) when they were surrounded by the six Marines keeping their distance. These identified themselves as Marines from 29 Palms Marine base and told Alexander to stop in his tracks. Alexander panicked and started shooting and his driver joined in. The Marines returned defensive fire. The USMC Sergeant, who had thought to bring night-vision head-gear with him, fired an accurate night shot which killed Alexander. The driver also died in the hail of fire.
    The site of Cabal Col. Alexander's Last Stand (GPS): 35 deg, 21',26.00" No. Lat.; 115 deg.,55', 37.81" West Long.
    The Marines decided that it was time to return to base.
     And no, none of the six Marines urinated on his corpse. Their urine was too good for him and his kind.
    This morning the Cabal, which knew of Alexander's Last Stand, sent out "cleaners" to dispose of the two bodies and the car, and "sanitized" the site in under 45 minutes so that it looked like nothing happened, right down to the detail of picking up spent brass shell casings.
    The Cabal desperately want this incident to "go away". They recognize that it represents a morale and public-relations disaster for them. 
    Underlings within the Cabal now have learned some lessons in the past several days. If you get discovered as being of the Cabal and get tracked, the Cabal will not come and rescue you. To the Cabal leadership, everybody below them is "expendable". Once an operative is identified, he is no longer "useful". Any ties to the Cabal are erased as best as possible. The outted Cabal member is on his own.
    Though John Alexander provided many "services" for the Cabal over his decades-long career in their employ, in the end he died alone in the desert.
    Score:  USMC Star Seeds: 2
    Another step forward in the transitioning of Earth from corrupt Fourth World Status towards reformed Fifth World status.
    To those brave six Marines from 29 Palms, and their couple buddies from Fort Irwin, I say I owe you all several rounds of drinks. If we ever connect up, the tab is mine.  
    Thank you. The victims of John Alexander also thank you.
    "The Marines. The Few. The Proud."  No truer words have been spoken.
    Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor

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