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The Art of Empowered Intentions

The Art of Empowered Intentions

There are moments in our lives when declaring our intention becomes very important. It is different than reciting our material goals. Intention draws to us the qualities we want manifested in our lives. It has been said that we can know our intentions by the results we see around us. The power of intention works whether it is conscious or not. During this time of accelerated growth and planting of seeds, making a conscious statement about what qualities we are choosing for our lives becomes paramount.

Once we make a statement of Intention to the Universe, this clarity of focus is released. It begins to work in the energy around us and manifest directly in our world by the Law of Attraction. An intention is the arrow sent directly to the Creator of our lives. When we make the statement, it is doing our part by pulling back the string of the bow and releasing our arrow to manifest the creative solutions we desire.

Never before has there been a time when the Power of Intention is so strong. Be direct and clear about what you want in your world. If there are material needs, know what qualities these will bring to you, and start asking for those qualities directly. For instance, if you want more money, consider asking for the qualities of stability and material security. Know that all your needs are met with grace and ease. Make your statements from a higher perspective, calling in those qualities you want and being clear what you are willing to give back.

Do not forget the grace that comes with gratitude. An attitude of gratitude is the quickest way to lift our spirits by increasing the frequency of vibration within and around us.

Intentions can be stated in many forms. Usually I consider it more workable to make your intentional statements in broader terms rather than being focused on form. We don’t want to limit the good the Universe is offering to us. I believe something greater than we imagine is available to us, so I use statements such as:

My work totally supports me on all levels. I work with Joy and Ease, and love the Creative Flow that inspires me. I am grateful that my God-given talents and abilities are being used to enrich my life and bless the world.

We can make our intentions from a prayerful state. We can offer intentions as affirmations. We can ask directly for the qualities we want to have manifest in our lives. We can also make intentions from a place of gratitude as if they were already accomplished. Perhaps you might even like to make a covenant with God.

Here is an example of a covenant I made to God in 1974: 

I dedicate my life to planetary healing, to bringing more Light and Peace to the world, and to serve God through serving others. I ask to live my life in Love, Joy, Beauty, Peace and Abundance. I give thanks for the Wisdom, Guidance and Love that continually lights the path to my greater good. And so it is.

Here is an intention I made this morning: 

I give thanks for Union within me with all aspects of myself. As I love and accept myself, I know I attract greater levels of Love and Support in all my relationships.

One of my friends, your classmate and one who has taken classes with me for a number of years, has her intentions honed to a science. Without her permission, I am sharing a few with you.

I feel safe and comfortable in every aspect of my life and on all levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual).

I feel balanced, clear and connected to the Divine at all times.
Creative Solutions are readily and easily available to me at all times, and are easy to implement quickly.

My home is neat, clean, comfortable and inviting.

With a bit of creativity, I am sure you will be able to open deeply and allow the desires of your heart to inspire your most powerful intentions. Ask for assistance with this and all the forces of the Universe align themselves behind you.

Many blessings with love and gratitude, Shanta Gabriel January 26, 2012

Many blessings with love and gratitude, Shanta Gabriel 

January 26, 2012
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