Friday, December 9, 2011


By Phillip Elton Collins

Have you noticed that our world is shifting into something new? That the old doesn’t seem to be working anymore.

All of the leading forces that have controlled our world for a long time are changing: governments, religions, corporations and financial systems. All are under change. What used to work just doesn’t seem to work anymore.


We are now living within an era of transformation. Our planet, and civilizations upon it shift every few thousand years (check history). But this one feels and seems different from anything ever before. It is essential to now understand what is going on (and why) physically and energetically within and upon our planet, as it and we evolve at this time.

My theory and that of many others: it is the destiny and plan of our Earth, a living, conscious being, to move to a higher frequency of existence and consciousness. Thus, everything within and upon our planet will join the shift forward. It will be forever forward from this point on….What we have experienced in the past is past.

More than ever before, there is a need,  a desire to reach outside the “standard” learning and realize, and understand and embrace the change. It is the blueprint of all worlds to move forward in their evolution…our time has come.

It is time to better understand who we are and why we are here (our purpose). What do you think our purpose is?  Who are you? Why are you here? Today, we have an opportunity to heal and grow in wisdom (if we chose); to accept and embrace the new world being created: a world that reflects ‘Unity Consciousness (US),’ not the continuation of every person and nation for themselves.
In effect we’ve all been asleep for a long time, and this has brought us much pain throughout our history. But we can change that now…

For a long time humanity has not always been told the entire truth of what’s happening, and our true history. Thus, much of what we think is true about our world and ourselves is not. Many of our belief systems are based upon these untruths. Now is the time, an opportunity to tell the truth through the truth.

Are you ready? Can you handle it? Can the world handle it?

Truth is we are not children being controlled by unseen forces anymore. Nor is this shift a process in which the few can continue to control the many.

If each of us can discern the truth of our reason to be here, not to judge it nor shame it, but to accept it…we can dissolve the illusion of separation and confrontation within us. To know we are a kind race of human beings moving more clearly to see the beauty and common energy that runs through everyone and connects us to Earth (our home).

The time has come for us to shed our many erroneous belief about ourselves, our planet, governments, religions, corporations and the universe itself  that have kept most of our kind in varying degrees of lack and limitations far too long.

We alone can do this through connecting with our true being.

The times ahead will be challenging for many, and exciting for others, as we now shift from an old, divided world into a new one of oneness.

And more of you (seven billion) than ever before chose to be here for this change….

Phillip Elton Collins is an ex-journalist, ad man, author and cofounder of The Angel News Network, New York & Los Angeles, and The Modern Day Mystery School, Ft. Lauderdale. His book “Coming Home to Lemuria, An Ascension Adventure Story,” continues this story. Visit his site at

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