Sunday, December 11, 2011


December 11, 2011

Many of us are feeling stuck.  We notice that something has changed, yet we seem to lack the momentum for carrying it forward.  Weathermen refer to this inertia as the doldrums.  Boatmen call it cavitation.  Cullen and Rebecca call it being patient while waiting for instructions.  Yet the instructions live within us.  No one else is going to tell us what to do.  Laarkmaa has spoken about our guides stepping back in order for us to claim our own power (Link to mp3 - Look for December 6th).
October 28, 2011 was an important day energetically.  At that time, humanity received the awareness that all energies are present for us to use.  The Mayan Calendar presented us with a sequential unfolding of energetic patterns, repeating like fractals in larger and larger energetic blueprints until we reached the place where we are capable of holding the awareness that all energies are present in each moment.  We acted on that awareness on 11-11-11 by intentionally joining together to utilize the energy to co-create a better world.  The Shift in human consciousness became real and palpable, with each of us noticing subtle and not so subtle changes within who we thought we were.  The 11-11-11 unified intention was nothing less than the utilization of energy!  We chose to focus our energy on intending a more beautiful and loving world.
We proved to ourselves how to access energy for creation by using positive intention on 11-11-11.  Negativity blocks the flow.  When we expunge all traces of negativity (negative thoughts, negative beliefs, negative patterns of behavior) we open ourselves to utilizing the energy that is present to manifest what we want and need.  We are no longer waiting for the Shift to occur; it is happening with every choice we make in each present moment now.  There are some who still wait for December 21, 2012 to usher in something in order for us to change, but waiting means that we do not understand the availability of the energy now.
Because Earth is a play of energies and we are here to learn how to work with them, each of us has a combination of energies in our own makeup.  The Pleiadians gave the Maya an understanding of energy that has been passed down as the Mayan Calendar.  When we look at who we are individually and collectively, we must include an understanding of those energies.  According to the Mayan Calendar, our Personality influence is the specific universal and Earth energy combination that affects our outer personality the most.  Our Light Pulse energy is the energy from the universe that sparks our desire to grow and guides us.  We inherit a karmic influence that defines our shadow work and points to energetic places where we may be stuck, places where we have held certain beliefs or patterns of behaviors in this and other lifetimes.  The year we are born and where Venus is placed at our birth address the specific energies of our work within the collective consciousness and the societal patterns that have shaped us and continue to affect us in the present life.  With all of these energies defined and explained, it becomes much easier to learn to use energy to co-create our reality as the New Humans.  In other words, the Pleiadians gave the Maya a gift that continues to help us understand how we may open the doorway to our own potential.
There are 13 energies given to us by the Pleiadians to help understand our individual place in the development of the larger human evolution.  They show us our particular gifts and how to use them.
There are 20 Earth energies defined by the Pleiadians to help us understand and work with Earth energy and our own energy (we are part of Earth as well as part of the stars.)
(Click here to see the complete lists of energies available to us.)
  We find combinations of these energies in each person or situation we meet.  We ourselves are combinations of these energies.  If you wish to understand more about the particular energy you carry, study your own Pleiadian-Mayan Energy Chart (get more information here).  We have specific recognition of certain energy patterns in what we call families.  Laarkmaa has spoken about letting go of family structure and finding our true family (Link to mp3 - Look for December 6th).  However, intending energy for creating change is about more than finding our family.  It is about all relationships, beginning with our relationships to ourselves.  Energy is here and available for us to use now, once we understand and refine our abilities to do so.  Through better understanding of who we are and our relationship to our purpose, we can move ourselves out of the doldrums, intending and manifesting a new world for ourselves.  Let us jettison the baggage of negativity and ascend from all the places where we are stuck.  Together we can refine our ability to create through all the energies that are available!

With love and light,
Rebecca and Cullen,

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