Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Update with Facts & Figures & References: Trillion dollar lawsuit to bring down dark forces is confrimed

This is real news about a financial scandal that is breaking around the world over the last two years but being swept under the rug by main stream news, since it is all bout the folks that own main stream news.

Here are articles where you can read the news ...

Once you know what you are looking for, you can do some digging and find all the most significant articles published online about this strange story when it first broke in June, 2009.
Here is the original Bloomberg article on the scandal:
Here is a Daily Kos summary of links describing what may have happened:
Here is an Asia Times article on the issue, which has a lot more detail:
In these two articles, “The Underground Investor” analyzed the evidence and clearly established how strange this whole story really was:

Still not a believer. Check out the web site for David Wilcox. He gives the instructions to log into the current court cases and check out the papewr work with your own eyes and fingers.

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