Friday, December 9, 2011

Thought for a day

Touch makes things tangible.  Can we touch God?

First we look at how you imagine or know God to be.  For those of us awakening to our spiritual magnificence, we no longer imagine God to be a separate Being off in some far away heaven.  We know we are God, in that Field of loving energy from which we are condensed.  God’s words are our words; God’s ears are our ears.  God sees the universe by means of us.

So….tangible?  Since we have come forth from this Field, we acknowledge that the entire material world also came forth from this same Field, and we influence this Field by our inter-relations with everything and everyone and by our intent.  Go out and touch someone.  You are touching God.  You Are the Face of God, wrote Karen Drucker in a beautiful song.

We also touch God, this Field of Love and Joy, by feeling the presence of All There Is.  We do this simply by being present in the moment, fully open to God’s Love, being that Love.  When we do this, our entire body is filled with healing energy and we know God.  We are enlightened when we are present with anything present with us.  We are connected.

This Sunday we will look at the amazing research that discovers how feelings can actually change our DNA.  We can change our feelings and emotions, thus changing the very building blocks in our physical form, thus changing our immediate environment and beyond. 

From this vast Field of beauty, love, joy, wisdom, power and light, we cannot escape.  There is nowhere else to go, nor would we want to.  Together we have created a world by our collective thoughts, feelings and emotions.  Together we create in every moment.  We can create from compassion or from taking positions of competition, put downs, envy, fear and the rest the feelings that destroy the very things we want.  We must become that which we want.  We must knowingly become God, which never judges, only loves.

I honor and worship the divine in all creation, for I am that.  And so are you.

And so it is!   
Rev. Eleanor
Center for Spiritual Living
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