Saturday, December 10, 2011

Single Lady Transforms Her Urban Garden into a Productive, Organic, Tropical Paradise

You don’t have to know her street number to find Rosina Buckman’s place. All you need is the street name. Winner of the Edible Landscape Award from  Australia’s Sunshine Coast Council in 2009, her garden spills out into the nature strip, bursting with plants.

Her driveway, once a barren front lawn, is now edged with strawberry runners, passionfruit vines, chilies and edible greens. “Before we get started, I want to show you some­thing that saved my life!”
exclaims Rosina.

In front of us are a wheelbarrow, a piece of timber and a rather imposing
cleaver. I wonder if one of her chickens is about to have a very bad day, but no, this is Rosina’s new movable workstation and mulching system. With terrifying dexterity, she holds a palm frond in her left hand and chops furiously with her right. Pieces of the dried frond fly everywhere.
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