Sunday, December 18, 2011

Poofness Update - 18 Dec.

Greetings and Salutations,

 Frustrated, tired of all the Hope messages? Is It Ever going to happen??? Don't worry, it's happening, way too much debris had to be removed from the path way, since the process began in 1984. The promise being kept to me and therefore to you is, they would remove our enemies out of the way so, no one would have a short lived celebration. Unless, you've done due diligence thru the years, you wouldn't even realize, anyone was lurking in the back ground to steal your goodies for themselves. Countless times, things were prepared to go out to the world, then some tick mite buried deep in the dog's back would come out to try and suck blood, as if they were starving or some thing. How many felets can you eat, how many gold toilet seats do you need? Greed is a sickness that must be curbed. Even ronald reagan raised taxes for god's sake. Trickle down does not work....figures don't lie, but liars sure figure. Who has benefitted from the 'war on drugs'? Rich folks who funded all the importation. Romney made money bankrupting companies and selling off the pieces, what do think if he got into the white house, same thing as G dubya. Corporations are people, too, in a pig's eye.

 Yes, this country needs a few more political parties and money needs to be removed from the election process. Over the last 100+ years all we had over here in the us, is the choice of which new master we want to hand out our pork and beans. White folks and black folks alike with additions of latinos now to come onto the plantation to be ruled. So, folks they who have mastered the plantation owners are flipping the script and evening out this playing field. People who already have power do not need to fight to keep it, they know that money needs to move and not sit in dusty chambers collecting more dust. So, while it seems by some I've been hoping beyond hope, understand there are principles of physics at work, certain immutable laws of physics. As change will happen as sure as the mississippi has changed it's course thru the years. Human intelligence will either take the lead or nature will. Long sighted folks from centuries ago made the first moves and now those moves have engaged the planet's banking system to change the future from entropy or collapse upon itself, to a burst of growth and parting of the clouds into the sunlight of life worth living.

 The folks in the rafters are applying the principle bought here by the master and spreading the world's wealth to the hungry and the poor. Helping the widows, elderly, and the orphans is a big thing to them. They have done their own version of overturning the tables of the money changers at the temple. Not like it's a secret, the st germain trust opened on the 15th, 10 days before xmas, as it has done for years. This time the blocks of the greedy have been driven away by massive arrests and imprisonment. None without warning but as I am fond of saying, they just refused to believe 'fat meat is greasy'. They can bet on it now! We live in a time of miracles, definition of which is 'nature going unchecked' letting the flow of nature go without  intervention by human thought. I just saw Kansas City beat the Packers...whaaa??? Yogi Berra used to say, 'it ain't over 'til it's over'. So remember folks, it only takes one moment to shift your life from poor to wealthy, the work to get it there has taken years but we're 'there'. You won't get coal in your stocking this year. Cheers Will!
Merry Christmas one and all.

Love and Kisses;


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