Friday, December 9, 2011

One day we will wake up and hear this on out radios and TVs ...STEWARDSHIP WITH DIVINE GUIDANCE (draft version)

Welcome to a new Age, a new Dispensation, a new Era, a new World! - call it what you like, but we are just going through the most wonderful transformation that the people of planet Earth have ever experienced. The greatest events in our history continue to unfold. Change (for the better) is the order of the day. Enlightened leadership with citizen participation is the key to a better world. Recent events have been traumatic - more so for some than for others. A few had kept abreast of events, understood and could foresee the better future that beckoned, and will be immune to the stress of change. For many of us it has been a most trying period - knowing what was going to happen, but not knowing 'when' it would happen - and the wait proved just too much for some. It was supposed to start on 11th September, 2001, that infamous day when you were plied with ridiculously false information about that event - and you swallowed it hook, line and sinker (at least most people did). For those who have survived this lengthy trial of endurance the outlook is indeed rosy. In fact it will be hard to take in just how glorious the future will be as we have endured generations of being downtrodden by a few who very effectively pulled the strings of control worldwide. When 5% of the population control 95% of the world's wealth, it is indeed a sad state of affairs. We needed Divine assistance to get us out of this misery: and that was not unfair by any means as it was the ET Dark Side which helped these 5% get where they were in the first place, with technologies and techniques known only to extra-terrestrial civilizations. So now we, with the help of friendly ETs, have won the battle and are ready to take advantage of 'advanced' environmentally-friendly technologies to set this world back on the right path, to abundance for all, in a healthy, Earth-friendly environment.

OTHER FRIENDLY CIVILISATIONS The existence of other civilisations had been aggressively denied by all those organisations who kept the world in serfdom, and that includes the Church - all denominations, faiths and religions, who have a lot to answer for, and must now explain to their followers why they misled them so badly. The real information was available to them from the very beginning, but they chose to withhold it in order to benefit from keeping the people in abject slavery. Films were produced to create an image of evil aliens, and consequently fear of ALL extraterrestrials was generated. There were indeed some races that were not particularly friendly, but these have been banned from our environment and those who now come to us are here to help us. A ring of protection has been created around our planet. Initially only those who are 'humanoid' will be introduced to us. Once they have been accepted, knowledge of other Beings will gradually be made known. It would be too much for the general populace to take all that information in at one go. Before long all of humanity will understand more about life itself, not just on the Earth plane, but beyond, where our friendly extra-terrestrials exist, and the various levels at which they reside, and where we also go in due course. It is hard to know where to start in outlining the wrongs that have been done to the general populace over so many generations. But once we have realised the extent of this wrongdoing, we are to clear our minds of such memories and concentrate upon creating a life of contentment and abundance for all, void of strife. 

POPULATION REDUCTION Those responsible for the "Depopulation of a Planet" Plan have themselves been removed from planet Earth - with the exception of a few who will stand trial here before being removed. Their punishment is to live on a "Stone Age" planet where they will have to start over and earn a livelihood with their bare hands. There may be some 'borderline' cases who are still on this planet but they will not feel at home in this new, enlightened environment, and it is unlikely that they will remain with us for long. The reduction in population may be as much as 30% overall, which infers that in some places it will be higher than that. How much has your own neighborhood changed? This is due retribution for their own scheme to reduce the world's population from 7 billion to just half a billion through their "Depopulation of a Planet" Plan, through war and insurrection, man-made diseases, laboratory created viruses, and loaded injections to back up these diseases. The World Health Organisation aided the implementation of these plans - and most of us thought this organisation had 'good health' in mind. Nothing could have been further from the truth. Likewise 'charitable' health organisations collected funds to be passed on through the pharmaceutical industry to the international bankers, under the guise of research - but the industry itself admitted that less than 30% of medical drugs received any real testing at all. So all these "Running for the Cure" and similar fund-raising events were totally fraudulent. What a shock that will be to so many who devoted themselves to a "good cause" and parted with so much of their hard-earned money! Let us not dwell on these points, but look forward positively to what is in store for us, that will make life easier and more enjoyable. Negative emotions have a degenerating effect upon the physical body, so let bygones be bygones and concentrate on a brighter future which will in due course bring abundance and satisfaction to all.

MONEY The main tool used to control the people has been 'money.' Money that had only a pretence of value. In recent times 95% of it was just created on a computer by the international bankers. Where do you think all the money came from to handle these enormous 'bail-outs' recently? When it is created by a computer (banks did not use double-entry book-keeping), any size of debt can be quickly and easily 'met'. The other countries of this world eventually clued in to what was going on and blamed USA for the world's financial woes - as the creators of this control ensconced themselves in USA as the most convenient location for their business. The purpose of money was to create such debts that assets held as security against loans were subject to forfeiture and could easily become the assets of the bankers, who are generally referred to as the 'Illuminati' (those with knowledge - or 'enlightened' - but kept the important knowledge to themselves). All loans to Third World countries for instance were secured by the mineral or natural wealth of that country and the loan was always made higher than the country could reasonably repay - the leaders of course were heavily bribed to agree with this, leaving the people to bear the brunt of this exploitation sooner or later.

BANKS RESTRUCTURED To counter this situation, all banks are being restructured and re-licensed. There will be no shares in banks, and there will be no interest (usury) permitted. They will however be able to charge reasonable fees for their services. A new breed of banks will spring up that will be of even more benefit to the public.

NEW CURRENCY There is also a new currency being issued, this time backed by precious metals, so it does have value. The old currency can be exchanged for the new on a 1:1 basis, so long as the money has been come by honestly. There will be auditors watching, and in this field we have Celestial auditors helping out, so nothing can be hidden.

COMPENSATION To compensate the people for banking fraud over generations, a monthly payment of $75,000 (???) will be made to all citizens for a period of ten years. This will start shortly. Social service payments are being increased to more reasonable amounts, so that no-one is in need. In about a year's time, prices for goods and services must be devalued by 90%, to counter inflation. After one further month, wages and salaries will be reduced likewise. This should result in a spending spree lasting at least one month - another boost to the economy. Businesses will also be restructured: there will be no shares, therefore no share-holders, no stock exchanges. This will prevent greed and price gouging as excess corporate income can only be used to reduce prices of goods and services (and therefore most likely increase sales); expand or renovate premises; purchase better quality raw materials; or pay higher wages and salaries to management and staff. Clearly nobody will be earning $375 million as a bonus. No more Enrons. No more bank bonuses in the millions. It will become evident that eventually money will have no real value and society by then will have changed radically.

THE ENVIRONMENT During the period of 'stasis', prior to the announcement of the "NESARA" provisions, our Celestial friends have been busy removing from our planet the unrepentant 'Illuminati' and their minions. Just as important, they have used advanced technologies to clean up our environment, removing pollution from the seas, land and air. It would be pointless to do this and then allow mankind to resume polluting the environment. Some stringent measures had therefore to be taken. Engines using fossil fuels will therefore no longer be able to operate. There will be a rush to develop and distribute retrofits for existing engines as well as totally new engines which do not make use of fossil fuels. There will be variations in the tapping into cosmic energy, which is abundant and free, but alternative fuels have been long suppressed by the oil and gas industry cartel so that they could maintain their outrageously high profits.

NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE There will be FREE services available throughout the land, superseding those which were previously available only through paid membership, private or company plans. The principal service will be HEALTH. The new National Health Service will cover all medical, dental, preventive health and hospital services. Emphasis will be on prevention rather than cure, and on natural remedies rather than allopathic treatment (drugs). Services through what has been termed alternative medicine - such as acupuncture, chiropractic, herbology, homoeopathy, naturopathy, vibrational medicine - will be given preferential treatment. Provinces will administer these services although they will be funded federally. The services will be available FREE to all citizens of Canada and to landed immigrants after three months residence in Canada. Cosmetic surgery will also be available for a fee but fewer procedures will be termed 'cosmetic'. There will be more openings for health practitioners and foreign professionals will be accepted on the production of credentials which are accepted in their home country. There should therefore be no shortage of physicians in the future, and the health of the general public should significantly improve.

The PRIME MINISTER The role of the Prime Minister in Canada (or President in most other countries) has been well-outlined in the article "Where's our Leader?" - which complements this article. A regular Question and Answer time has been set aside for members of the Press so that they can have clarified any points which have not otherwise been addressed, or which correspondents may not have fully understood. The first one will take place at 11 AM this coming Monday. The veracity of news reports is being keenly watched these days by all who welcome the new freedom of the press, and who will not tolerate the continuation of falsified reports. The Media has an important responsibility in the distribution of information to the public and misleading or incomplete information will no longer be tolerated. The Prime Minister must be the Leader who will take Canada into the Golden Age, backed by his chosen expert advisors in various fields, who will act as Directors or Cabinet Ministers, and who have no hidden agendas, are open to public input, have the wellbeing of this country of Canada at heart, and whose allegiance to Canada as an independent, sovereign nation is beyond question. Ministers will be appointed by the Prime Minister to their posts on salary, with continuation of tenure until they retire, unless inadequate ability in their particular field is demonstrated or serious misdemeanor occurs. Ministerial appointments will be made on competence and experience, without 'political' encumbrances, regardless of colour, race, sex or nationality at birth. Integrity will be a major consideration. The term 'Minister' may change as it infers that they minister to the Queen, which will no longer be true. I look forward to assisting in bringing back a thriving economic and personal health to Canada and Canadians, in a safe and environmentally-friendly environment, with an enhanced standard of living for all, and to extending Canada's friendship in sincerity to all other sovereign nations throughout the world.
Drafted by:
(subject to change prior to delivery)
Dr Milson Macleod,

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