Monday, December 12, 2011

Neoshanti from the Agartha Network: 2012, TIME TO RELY ON YOU

Greetings Beloved Friends, Brothers, and Sisters!

As Mother Earth moves into Her continued phase of evolution each of you also will move into your continued Self growth or evolution. Now is the time for self reliance. You have been raised by your culture and society to depend on outward systems to sustain you. In that bidding you fell asleep of your inner guidance system. As many of you are already know, and others are becoming increasing aware, your world leaders have duped you into a system that benefits a few and does not represent equality, abundance, or peaceful living.

Life is energy - plain and simple. Your evolution lies in how you choose to recognize this energy, which increase ignoring (falling asleep) to the fact that the Supreme Being of All lies within you. Yet, let us pursue a simpler path in this message.

In one path of evolution you can spend your attention focused on interacting with the physical world; the land of illusion since it is based on duality. There is no present moment in duality and that cuts you off from the awareness of your connection to Source - Supreme Being - that always lies with you.

Life is ongoing.
This experience in your physical body is but a play or a dream. When you wake up  from this journey is when you recognize you are an energetic being and live fashioned in that premise - which exists in the present moment since time is manufactured in the world of duality only.

Another path you can choose is stepping past your physical reality to explore your inner guidance system. This system we can refer to in your understanding as intuition.  However, that is a limited understanding but will suffice in this writing.

Because you are made of energy, you are a pulse of the signal sent from the Supreme Being.  The Supreme Being is the energy of All that Is. You are hereby encouraged to begin exploring your intuition and to also realize that it is only authentic when based in your heart.

You see, intuition, is not related to gain or mistrust. It is not available to those who want to use it at the advantage of another. Intuition is one's connection, one's awareness, to your pulse of Source.  Let that description be your litmus test to decipher the words or offers of another. Do they resonate with your heart? Are your feelings resonating with you more than the logic of the mind: descriptions, analyzing, considerations?

While thinking and logic is an excellent tool, it is also a trap whenever the mind dominates the heart.

You will achieve your significant step on your spiritual path - your awakening - when you are able to allow your heart to lead your mind in the present moment. This can be debated over eternity. Yet, the Truth lies in the depth of your intuitive ability. That  stream will infinitely guide you and and protect you. Think of it as this: your intuition deciphers the energy pulse wherever you are. In that moment there is no logic needed since you are able to intuit what is present. This is an over simplification indeed but hopefully it will provoke you to engage or explore your intuition.

I welcome you to begin to fine tune your intuitive abilities. This requires no money. It requires no other person. It is completely free and independent of situations and circumstances. It lies with you, within every living creature. You are hereby encourage to awaken You.

For many of you this means cutting a new path through the forest. For others, you can see the remnants of a path that you can follow. Make no mistake, the time for relying on another is over. Mother Earth is taking her evolution. Each of you will take yours as well. No path is better than another. All paths lead to Source - Supreme Being awareness.

The intent of this message is to provide a method that you can put to action when times are confusing or difficult. And by action we do not infer a physical movement. Your intuition is an inner system. While there is much stimulation in the physical world with many circumstances and situations, your intuition arises within you.

One last aspect that must be stated about exploring your intuition. When you use evaluate it based on the opinions of another, you cut off your connection with your intuitive aspects.  Remember, life is energy. Intuition is based in the heart - not in logic. Hence, your own faith and trust must be exercised to fully allow the radiance of your intuition to shine.

May your days and nights be filled with joyous recognition.

In Love and Respect, Neoshanti from the Agartha Network

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  1. You are Beautiful, in and through your words, I can only hope that this will bring your likeness and presence closer to a kindhearted southern kid like myself :)