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Running electric generators on nothing but water

Running electric generators on nothing but water

The 16,000+ member Watercar Yahoo! group has recently been discussing a couple of new claims of people running a several-kW generator that usually runs on fossil fuel, but running it on hydroxy and water mist instead, producing several kilowatts of electrical power.

Can a 5.5-kW Genset be run on water?

Diagram from a section titled "Running an Electrical Generator without Fossil Fuel" found on pages 50-59 in the Chapter10.pdf document by Patrick Kelly (who comments below).

by Charles Couch
for Pure Energy Systems News

Patrick Kelly, a major documenter of the free energy open source movement, recently reported that three people who live near him had extracted 4 kilowatts of power from a generator (rated for 5.5 kW output) running 100% on 3 liter/minute of hydroxy and cold water fog, using no fossil fuel at all. The system is documented on pages 50-59 of the latest update of the famous Chapter10.pdf document [1.3 Mb] which is pretty much the most referenced beginners guide to hydroxy research.

The announcement was made in the Watercar Yahoo egroup. As detractors attacked the claim, John Manning posted that he had run his house on a similar generator for 2 and 1/2 years. He then went to a diesel generator that used 15% diesel and produced more power.

John went on to tell, "the ignition timing to run a 5.8 liter V8 on 100% is 2deg post top dead centre and the electronics in the modern car are designed to make me bald". His posts also included this report... <slightly edited>
"What have I discovered

In 1978 an Aussie designed and built a number of 100% water powered cars. These cars were based on a 1962/ 63 Ford falcon running a 170 CI persuit [sic] motor. These cars were on public display until late 1979, at which time the cars and all promotion of them stopped. Shell bought the lot out and are rumored to have destroyed all the cars but one (a car owned by one of the financial backers of the scheme). This car still exists today. I personally saw these cars. I touched them; I felt them, I heard them.

Regarding their last remaining car, I have "casually" been under its bonnet. I've driven it and was a friend to its former owner. I miss him dearly!"
John, went on to state that he was saving $1 M annually in his truck fleet using Hydroxy boosters of his own design that yield 34% savings on his trucks. He stated he has already outfitted another truck fleet for someone and has two more fleets ready to install the devices on.

The slide show found at YouTube under a search for HHO Games 2009 is a pretty good indicator that the hydroxy booster movement is fast becoming a mature industry. With these new reports of fossil fuel free power generators, the people are on the verge of doing what the Climate Conference has failed to do, end fossil fuel use on this planet.

Fortunately for the Oil companies, we can still use carbon for carbon fiber construction projects and carbon nanotubes still cost $500 an oz. Maybe they will get smart, start using their oil for those things and stop killing the planet. They'll probably make more money that way anyway.

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