Tuesday, December 6, 2011

How To Lead An Intentional Life, Intro

What does leading an intentional life mean? When you are numb and don’t know it, that question cannot even be taken seriously on the radar of your life.

For me, the signal was an “unwillingness to settle for less” notion inside. Inside means more than the voice in my head. It means my BEing, which I am still exploring and don’t have a pat answer about. Maybe I never will and that is okay. That notion showed up at various points in my life and I responded differently each time. When I finally began to slow down and listen to the radar of my life, I was sick and tired of feeling alone. No matter how much success I experienced or how much pain I was in .... one common thread was always there: I was separate from all else. To me, seeking medication or the advice of another wasn’t an option. Something within me, a notion, knew that the solution I wanted was not outside; outside as defined by the circumstances of my life.

Trusting that notion, at first little by little, then more and more - was a long series of events. Some of those events were dreams. Others were coincidences. My mother raised me to read and listen - bless her heart! I had those habits o fall back on and that caused me to read and listen beyond words and sounds for subtle hints and ideas.  Have you taken the time to notice what habits you fall back on?  Are they beneficial or harmful to your evolution? Do those habits just satisfy a short time wish - or will they positively impact the quality of your living?

It was this inner hunger I had that kept me exploring. That exploring took many shapes and situations. My saving grace is that I was always to hang on to the awareness of how I was feeling. What made me separate from others? Just as important was, “What will create peace in this moment?”

Those two questions were my compass for many years. Looking back, I am not sure what happened to change me or move me forward, but I started digging a little deeper with me and began noticing that although I was talking about many positive aspects of living, I was actually NOT practicing them - 100% of the time. At first this did not seem like a big deal but after a year or two It finally dawned on me that when I was living these qualities - not just talking about ’em - there was an incredible ocean of inner satisfaction that blossomed inside. I was feeling the enjoyment of my Self. That feeling ability opened a wonderful door in my life.

Steu Mann is a Reiki Master and private consultant. He has over 35 years of professional experience and several careers in business and education, including a Masters in Curriculum & Instruction. He has authored dozens of articles in supporting natural people to live a whole being lifestyle and how to expand one's skills using the internet and computers. His work includes the Mount Shasta Resource Book, A Whole Being Magazine, and services that promote expanding your online presence.

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