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Discover an Intentional Life

For me, the signal was an "unwillingness to settle for less" notion inside. Inside means more than the voice in my head. It means my BEing, which I am still exploring and don't have a pat answer about. Maybe I never will and that is okay. That notion showed up at various points in my life and I responded differently each time. When I finally began to slow down and listen to the radar of my life, I was sick and tired of feeling alone. No matter how much success I experienced or how much pain I was in.... one common thread was always there: I was separate from all else. To me, seeking medication or the advice of another wasn't an option. Something within me, a notion, knew that the solution I wanted was not outside; outside as defined by the circumstances of my life.

Trusting that notion, at first little by little, then more and more - was a long series of events. Some of those events were dreams. Others were coincidences. My mother raised me to read and listen - bless her heart! I had those habits o fall back on and that caused me to read and listen beyond words and sounds for subtle hints and ideas. Have you taken the time to notice what habits you fall back on? Are they beneficial or harmful to your evolution? Do those habits just satisfy a short time wish - or will they positively impact the quality of your living?

It was this inner hunger I had that kept me exploring. That exploring took many shapes and situations. My saving grace is that I was always to hang on to the awareness of how I was feeling. What made me separate from others? Just as important was, "What will create peace in this moment?"

Those two questions were my compass for many years. Looking back, I am not sure what happened to change me or move me forward, but I started digging a little deeper with me and began noticing that although I was talking about many positive aspects of living, I was actually NOT practicing them - 100% of the time. At first this did not seem like a big deal but after a year or two It finally dawned on me that when I was living these qualities - not just talking about 'em - there was an incredible ocean of inner satisfaction that blossomed inside. I was feeling the enjoyment of my Self. That feeling ability opened a wonderful door in my life.

I have learned that there is one language in life: Trust. The absence of that language leads to steering life from the perspective of "what others think" and "what looks best." Don't get the wrong idea here. The language of Trust I am speaking of benefits all living creatures in their highest and best good.
The language of Trust doesn't rely on outside circumstance to flourish. It is built upon inner faith and inner courage. It blossoms without needing the approval of outside sources or peers. It's a juggernaut of hope and good fortune - even during the dark night of the Soul. No one can take this language away from you and no one can build it for you either. It is timeless and immortal.

The key to awakening your language of Trust is this: walking your talk. The language of Trust begins and grows as you walk your beliefs that reside in your heart. And, these beliefs provide compassion and understanding for all living things. There is no discrimination and no separation in this vocabulary.

For me, all too often I used to take action with the to escape "uncomfortable feelings." At that time, I wasn't even aware that my only intention was escape. This "action" usually took one of two forms - or both. One was getting involved in "doing" something or making something. The other was completely ignoring my feelings. First I had to realize I had those two habits, then I had to learn how to break 'em. And, breaking them didn't mean escaping into another bad habit.

My remedy arrived when I begin to sense that I sincerely wanted to gain self growth - self improvement - evolve my Self. The first and most difficult step was apply the brakes, I had to slow down and embrace what was in front of me to learn from it. This didn't mean I had to get lost in analyzing data or play the blame and shame game. I just wanted to resolve whatever was present so that I can move forward. That hunger to move forward freely without carrying around any buried feelings or thinking allowed me to discover embracing whatever is on my path in the present moment.

The major shift occurred within me, I realized in my bones, not just talking about it, that me - all of us - are led by our heart when we stay present to our faith that we will grow and expand. I get into trouble when my mind starts using logic because that process inevitably dissolves whatever level of trust I have established and brings more fear and doubt to the surface.

Fear and doubt always, and I mean always, show up in me as feeling alone or feeling I am separate from whatever is taking place - with a host of reasons. I found "reasons" will arouse the thieves of my heart: anger, greed, jealousy, and fear. I want more experiences of unity and Love in my life. What about you?

A major habit breaker was redesigning my life style. I had spent years leading a life of begin accustomed to quick results, pushing and driving to get results, and not spending quality time with myself. Society has trained us this way - we let it happen. Now, the most important time of my days is creating my intentions each morning. This refreshed my honor to myself and is a simple act of building a new level of trust within. After all, we don't need the trust of anyone else. We must learn to accept our own ability to be real with our self - to trust our own self.

A great teacher said to me recently, "Everyone interacts with the people and situations in their life - in the same way and with the same understanding - that they interact with their own Self." Just exactly what this means is still sinking in, I am still contemplating this one. How about you?

My measuring stick nowadays is the ability I have to stand in my Truth. This does not require the need or acceptance or approval of another. In that standing, the mystery of who I am and what life is, is replaced with a hunger based in faith and an attention span ruled by my heart. In my perspective, that hunger is very different from the training and "norms" accepted in the society today. As a civilization, we need to move away from having every aspect of our lives ruled by the mind, by analysis, by right and wrong. Transforming our life to be led by our heart means taking the time to listen to the pulse within. As far as I can tell in my life, listening to the pulse of my heart breeds only harmony. What about you?

Respect and honor are codes of warriors from ancient days. Today they are essential components to moving forward and living while listening that pulse. You, I, each person must consistently practice an authentic respect and honor within - first. When we are in that state, then we have the immense peace and satisfaction resonating from us. Just arguing the values, pros and cons, of respect and honor don't make them manifest. They must be lived. And, this isn't about waiting until someone else starts living them or just talking about them either. This is about living them now to remain connected with the pulse of our heart.

The quality of your present moment boils down to the Law of Attraction. We attract what we are being. If we find our self in disagreement with that premise, then we are obviously numb, to some degree or another, or our true state. When one is in their mind they try to reason the Law of Attraction away. When one is attuned to their pulse, they simply adjust their focus and keep moving forward because they understand that life is energy and is very fluid; that by shifting their focus they are truly creating a new way of being that will impact who they are and what they attract. I have experienced this from the perspective of my heart and my mind. How about you?

Discovering your awareness in the moment and seizing it to express your appreciation, gratitude, or honor of living is a potent process. It doesn't happen overnight. It requires steps, the number and path of which depend totally on who you are - NOW. For each of us, moving forward with an intentional life requires accepting and nourishing what feels sacred to you - in this step, and then the next, and then the next, and so forth. At first you may feel uncomfortable and that's okay - you are exploring new ground within you. Keep your heart open and be nonjudgmental of yourself.
In the aura of this sacredness I can create my intention(s) as to what I want to fill my experience with. How about you?

Steu Mann
He is an author and Reiki Master. His web site is and offers a free directory of the diverse energetic and spiritual resources in the Mt Shasta area, which can be utilized around the globe. He produces the Shop Local book. Visit to receive a free copy of the Mt Shasta Resource Book.

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