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December 10 - full lunar eclipse

Eclipses appear often in the mythology of different cultures most often as symbols of obliteration, fear, and the overthrow of the natural order of things. Eclipses were the great omens of fated, large-scale events. The word eclipse comes from a Greek word meaning "abandonment." Quite literally, an eclipse was seen as the Sun abandoning the earth.
Every six months, eclipses show the turning points in our lives. They indicate what we are to accomplish for the following year to 3 years. They bring in news and events that are sometimes "out of the blue". Time seems to speed up. In a positive sense, eclipses can clear what may obscure the way forward. Remember that the key words for eclipses are emphasis and crisis.  Eclipses are contrary to the status quo. If impacted by one of these eclipses, your life will not run on the same track it has been on. But that can be a good thing.

The ancients believed that eclipses that align with the Dragon’s Head (North Node of the Moon) are beneficial and bring a rush of energy and things into your life.  Eclipses that align with the Dragon’s Tail (South Node of the Moon), show loss or where sacrifice or service to others is required.  It is about giving back and practicing compassion. 

This is a time of letting go of old emotional habit patterns and letting go of the people that you have become dependent on. This Eclipse affects two signs; Gemini and Sagittarius.  The sign of Gemini rules writing, teaching, lectures, the media and all forms of communications.  We may see the death of a renowned writer or professor.  There will be more news about who owns information.  Sagittarius rules foreign countries, the law and higher education. This eclipse could bring up more news items about how we communicate with foreign countries. What laws we have to put in place to protect information. 

This eclipse is in a square to Mars at 13 Virgo.  This eclipse could increase the sabre rattling that is going on in the world.  This eclipse also conjuncts Mars in the US chart in the 7th house of open enemies. It could be our sabre that is rattling. 

This eclipse affects Silvio Berlusconi, the Prime Minister of Italy.  His Jupiter in the 3rd house is exactly in the same degree as this eclipse. Those who don’t know astrology really well think that Jupiter only brings good things.  Jupiter is expansive and excessive and it can cause you to expand right out of where you are, in this case, his job.  The eclipse in the 3rd and 9th house could mean that the news media (3rd) and other countries (9) were the cause of his downfall. 

The Lunar Eclipse gives us opportunities to break out of our current cycles and move on to a different level.  A Lunar Eclipse can make us more aware of our cycles and patterns, and our unconscious motivations. Lunar Eclipses can bring up old memories and feelings.  As a full Moon, a Lunar Eclipse tends to bring completion or endings. On a Lunar Eclipse something will end and on a Solar Eclipse something will begin. A Lunar Eclipse is an opportunity to break habits or eliminate socially conditioned patterns of thought and behavior that stand in the way of self realization. 

Full moon eclipses can bring things to completion that you have been working on. You can finally make decisions about issues that you have been thinking about. The Sun opposite the Moon, lights up the Moon and brings previously unexamined areas of your life into awareness. 
Lunar Eclipses are more emotional than Solar Eclipses.  Because a Lunar Eclipse only happens on a full moon, two houses in your natal chart will be affected.  

An eclipse tends to emphasize matters related to the house it falls in on your natal chart or what planets it conjuncts, or opposes.  The areas ruled by the houses or planets will demand more attention, thought, energy, and time from you, at least until the next Eclipse. Eclipses open doors and invite us to come in, illuminating and stimulating areas of our lives that need our attention. 
Look for the houses in your chart that contains 0 to 4 degrees of Sagittarius or Gemini for the impact of the Solar Eclipse of November 25, look for the house containing 15 to 21 degrees of Gemini and Sagittarius for the impact of the Lunar Eclipse of Dec 10.  To see a brief list of items covered by the different houses in your birth chart click here   

Look for a planet(s) in your natal chart located at 2 degrees of Sagittarius or Gemini for the Solar Eclipse impact of Nov 25, and a planet(s) at 18 degrees of Gemini and/or Sagittarius for the Lunar Eclipse impact of Dec 10.  To see a list of keywords for the planets, click here.

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