Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Day in the Life of a Life Coach

Deciding on a career path can be a long process if you have never really decided what you love to do. Allot of times, we don't even come to the place of deciding that it's even possible to have a career that is both fulfilling and lucrative, if this is your desire.

If you are like myself, where it took a couple of tries before I was able to hone in on what I loved, the path that you are already on, may be an indication of the skills you are going to need, people you are suppose to meet, and places you are meant to be, until finally you realize that all that you have been doing, has culminated into what you were always meant to do.

For instance, I started out working for a very large healthcare organization in my area. In fact, the largest in South Jersey. While working for this healthcare organization, I would gather the majority of the skills that I currently utilize, in helping me to run my current business in Life Coaching, as well as my home organizing business and the office that I currently run, as Practice Manager.

I would learn how to maintain client records, with confidentiality, learn professionalism and networking, I would learn CPR (an extra-added bonus), computer skills, systems thinking, how to run an office, curriculum development, training, teaching, and a host of other skills to fill the page.
All in all, the most valuable skills I learned were when I interacted with a client.

Learning to actively listen to what was being said before having an answer. Speaking clearly and concisely to convey, not only the point that I may have wanted to get across, but learning how to repeat back to a client, what they just said so they were confident I understood their message. None of what I just described had anything to do with my being a Life Coach/Motivator at the time, but the qualities of wanting the best, and seeing the best in people, were always inherent in my day to day interactions.

One day, it dawned on me after going to a clients home for my home organizing business, that I was already doing the work of a Life Coach/Motivator, but working in a different capacity. I decided to go back to school, where I received my Bachelors degree in spiritual counseling, and I was now able to focus my attention on my hearts desire to help people, while having a business that I can nurture and enjoy.

Look back on all you've done to this point. Take inventory of the skills you have acquired and know that you have an array of directions you can choose from. You don't even have to choose just one thing. The choice is yours.

It is said that if you "Do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life."

Welcome to the path of Self Awareness
Lisa Scott/Bachelor of Metaphysical Counseling
Motivator/Life Coach

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