Friday, December 2, 2011

Be in the world, Not of the World - Laarkmaa

Laarkmaa is leading us towards living in a higher vibration. Urging us to take responsibility for the world in which we live and for the world we are creating, they have asked us to remember how to "be in the world and not of the world." On November 29th 2011 the Pleiadians asked us to participate with them in stopping the possibility of nuclear incidents by sending love, light, and compassion to the leaders of the world.  They have asked us not to respond to world news in fear or judgment, but to watch from the position of  compassionate witnesses.  From this position, we can see that those who are threatening war are frightened and attached to old belief systems that focus on separation rather than unity.  Listen to Laarkmaa's message, as they show us what can be done (Link to mp3 - Look for November 29th).

In two recent conversations, Laarkmaa has given us a basic understanding of Binary systems and how to use Binary systems for our own development (Link to mp3s - Look for November 22nd and 29th). We are mirrors of each other, and Laarkmaa is helping us to see this through a fascinating mathematical system!  They have also offered guidance on choosing clothes to enhance our vibration, and spoken about androgyny, twin flames, and human sexuality (Link to mp3 - Look for November 22nd).  They explained to us the purpose of tears, walked us through how to use anger positively, and have given us directions on how to help change the collective consciousness (Link to mp3 - Look for November 27th).  With all the help the Pleiadians are giving us, can we not take responsibility to do our part?  Laarkmaa says that human choice makes a difference; when we choose for the highest good of all, we receive more assistance.  As we move into winter, the season for quiet listening, let us listen to these dear friends and heed their advice.  We have the power to change the course of events by changing ourselves.  Let us, collectively, move away from judgment, fear, and separation, and send love, trust, joy, and compassion to the world.


With love and light,

Rebecca and Cullen
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