Friday, November 11, 2011

Your Inner Voice and Emotions vs. Feelings

There are infinite possibilities to the human existence on earth. We are infinite.
It is important that we understand our own strengths, connection to each other and our oneness with the earth and universe. By tuning in to our inner voice we can begin to understand what this means as it relates to us personally.

For various reasons, with fear being the most popular of the reasons, we neglect to identify, tap into, and connect with our own strengths, each other, and we especially don't connect with others through our gifts because we don't necessarily know what our gifts to the world are.

Our gifts are tied into what our strengths are and by listening to our inner voice, we can begin to identify and erase any fear that keeps us where we don't want to be; By making a conscious effort to listen to your inner voice, you can begin today to expand the universe. When you listen yourself to your inner voice, you will feel liberated to do other things in your life that you may have been waiting to do.

Throughout life there are many lessons to be learned and of these, one of the greatest lessons I've learned is that all things should be weighed with the mindfulness of balance through listening with the assistance of the inner voice.

I use to think things had to be one thing or the other, right or wrong, black or white, or I would feel one extreme of the emotional spectrum or the other with my emotions pretty much telling me what to do or even how to do it. Well, Emotions and feelings are two totally different things and this is of extreme importance to know and understand.

Emotions are an expression of one's personality or rather one's tendencies(habit). Feelings are who you actually are at that time, as it relates to something, or rather what you are actually experiencing on the inside of yourself. If you were to actually stop and think about how YOU feel about something as opposed to what you tend to do (emotion), your response would be very different than what we've been trained to do emotionally(tendency or habit). Understanding the difference comes with learning to listen to your inner voice.

Most everything we currently respond to is as a result of how we were trained to respond based on external influences and/or familiarity, based on what we've always done(developed tendency or habit). Even when we're having a conversation with another person most of our communication is based in trying to convert the other person to seeing things our way without a TRUE identification of how we ourselves actually FEEL about the topic.

Learning to listen to what your inner voice is saying to YOU will help you to begin to identify the difference between your emotions vs. your feelings and therefore you be more aware of yourself.
Welcome to the path of Self Awareness.

Lisa Scott/Bachelor of Metaphysical Counseling
Motivational Coach


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