Thursday, November 10, 2011

Practicing 11-11-11 in your life

The day of 11-11-11 is a sacred portal. It is the time that the energies of universe are opened to a higher octave. All living creatures are made from energy. Yet, we live in an upside down world since our cultures teach us to focus with your physical senses rather than your energetic senses. Those energetic senses are within you, based in your heart. To connect with your energetic self means learning to direct your attention within first. And, living in your energetic being means reducing the presence of fear in your life.

While the mind and physical senses are important, the path to expand your energetic awareness is to listen to your heart first and then direct your mind from there. Life is more than logic. Life is more that explaining things away is verbal descriptions ad infinitum. To move forward with the radiant energies now upon us is to open your inner doors to accepting your intuitive nature and looking for behaviors and think that embrace compassion and honesty.

Anyone can easily harness their energetic nature. Yet, you need to understand that harness does not mean control. In fact, harnessing  your energetic nature means standing in the presence of your heart while also being able to discern outside influences that can can limit your experience(s) or expand your experience(s). Each moment is a choice:  about selecting if you are living in your heart or in the world of reason. As you become more accustom to this constant choosing, you become more adept at choosing freely rather than being stuck in habits and behaviors that no longer support you in growing and evolving.

On 11-11-11 you can increase your opportunity to explore your energetic nature in the comfort of your own home. What you need first is an intention. A handy tool for this is writing. Write down you intention(s) and then follow them up each day after this momentous 11-11-11. Take a period of time each morning to reflect on your intention(s) and visualize what your day will be as you live with new perceptions that grow from your intentions. Enjoy freshness. Don’t allow the thoughts and ideas of others return you to your past.

As you live your intentions you will find new people and new events flowing into your life since you are attracting them. Keep yourself open and discover the power in accepting what comes unsought. Empower your energetic being by stepping out of rigid rules that you have lived by which, until now, have kept you stuck being the same persona and living the same way each day.  As you step into living your intentions your life will become new and fresh.

Harnessing your energetic nature means discerning the presence of each moment and giving yourself the inner courage to stay tuned to your heart. Living with the energies of 11-11-11 means you are balancing your life by leading your experiences with your heart and then using your mind (logic) to make choices.

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