Friday, November 11, 2011

What are we manifesting? 11-11-11, Laarkmaa

Today there are people all over the globe focused on the possibility of creating a new reality - a world full of peace, abundance, compassion, and love.  A world without fear, judgment, and separation. Laarkmaa says those possibilities have always been available to us, but we have been living under the spell of fear that kept us from seeing the truth of what is possible.

For years, Laarkmaa has been showing us how we manifest our own reality.  By connecting our emotions to our fearful and judgmental thoughts, we have been manifesting a world of increased separation, a world that is full of pain.  As we wake up and learn how we have been doing this, we also begin to remember how not to do this.  Laarkmaa guides us to use our emotions to guide us on what is out of balance within each of us and to take responsibility for changing.  Reminding us that our intentions and our thoughts are the building blocks for our external reality,  Laarkmaa has told us that our reality can be different.  They are teaching us how to communicate through our hearts rather than through words.  They are teaching us to see and hear beyond the third dimension.  They are teaching us to use love and light to power all of our thoughts and actions.  With these great tools we can come together on the day we have collectively chosen to manifest the new reality.

Laarkmaa says 11-11-11 is an example of human choice to make a difference.  Laarkmaa has always said only we can save ourselves.  When we consciously do the work of our fifty percent, the Universe meets and supports us.  Because we, as a collective, have chosen to focus our hearts and minds on creating a more peaceful and abundant world, we are being met by the energies of the Universe today on 11-11-11.  Listen to Laarkmaa's explanation of what the energies of this day bring (Link to mp3 - Look for November 6th and 8th).  They joyfully share with us many of the signs of change at hand and explain how we are affecting our world.  Laarkmaa says that truth lives within each of us, in our hearts.  Cullen and Rebecca will be bringing Laarkmaa to the world in a public presentation today, and there are many other avenues for emerging truth, love, and light occurring on this day as well.  The important thing is to participate with your heart and mind from wherever you are by setting your intentions for a more harmonious world and keeping your vibration high.  Wherever you are and however you choose to participate with the energies of this day, please join us in your hearts.

With love and light,

Rebecca and Cullen

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