Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pleiadian Influence: Laarkmaa on Poverty or Abundance

Laarkmaa tells us that we are finished with the Journey through the 9th Wave of Unity Consciousness.  We have now arrived at the doorway of the New Reality. (Link to mp3 – Look for November 15th).  Because there are many gems of Laarkmaa's wisdom that still apply to our present situation, we have compiled all of the articles about our journey into one document for your ease of reference here  (Journey Through the 9th Wave.)

Many of us gathered on 11-11-11 to bring our intentions together for a new reality:  a reality that is based on truth, trust, love, and joy, a reality that is abundantly full of all that we need in every moment. One of the things that must shift in the collective consciousness in order for this to occur, is the recurrent thought that we don't have enough or can't afford what we need.  We call that "poverty consciousness."  We have had many people suggest to us that spiritual sharing should be free.  We have often been puzzled about that.  As we all have bills to pay, how can any of us do whatever we do "for free", without some conscious form of exchange?  In speaking with our very good friend, Luma Lor, about this unbalanced relationship between what is given and what is taken, Luma said something we felt was worth repeating:

"It has come to my awareness that the Collective Consciousness has the belief system that "spiritual work should be free."  So I've been talking to the Collective Consciousness. I said, "I bet you are broke.  I bet you are in poverty yourself in many ways.  How do you expect Spirit to offer so much to you if you do not honor spirit with an exchange in some way.  How can you get the messages you need if you don't take care of the messengers?   How can they pay their bills and be able to deliver the message if they are not honored?   Take care of the spiritual workers and Divine representatives in your community on a regular basis and you will experience the great blessings that the divine is desiring to give you.  The Divine IS abundance, as are YOU.  Remember when you give to Spirit, you are giving to yourself.  This is a great gauge to know how much you value your own inner light and trust the Divine."
Luma Lor

This is the path out of poverty consciousness into abundance.  There is enough for all.  Laarkmaa has been telling us that our fears prevent our being able to manifest everything that we need.  When we are fearful that we do not have enough, we are afraid to share or give to others.  The more we struggle, believing that we do not have enough, the more we shut down the flow of abundance.  Listen to Laarkmaa's recent messages (Links to mp3’s – Look for November 13th and November 15th) on how we can co-create the New Reality.  We are moving into that Reality and our old perceptions need to change to match the new vibration.  We are standing at the door; let's not be afraid to enter or to open the door for others.  Laarkmaa talks about how we as lightworkers can send the colors of love and light out to each other (Link to mp3 - Look for November 20th)  Our abundance depends upon the size of our hearts and our ability to trust.

With love and light,
Rebecca and Cullen


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With love and light,

Rebecca and Cullen

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