Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Most common mistake of online marketing

The most common mistake of online marketing is ignoring the fact that the web - the Internet - is a fluid and morphing entity. The very foundation of the web is that IT IS, by it’s design, a social marketplace. Yet, the majority of people fail to realize this basic mechanic and therefore do not capitalize on its’ inherent connective potential. Instead, they make a site or blog, then follow the “current” trends to promote their products and services based on techniques and understandings founded in print and other media advertising. Sure, all those outdated understandings produce some level of juice. But those methods do not garner a robust buzz or following, plus they most certainly require big buck advertising.

No, the methods I prefer require much less cash infusion and rely more on sweat equity. I use and teach processes and procedures that harness the social nature of the web.

Check out the Cluetrain Manifesto,,  when you have time. It’s a campaign organized around 95 tenets that apply to all businesses operating within  this newly-connected marketplace: the web. These ideas are designed  to examine the impact of the Internet on both markets (consumers) and organizations. I think this document is required reading to get on the path of harnessing the fundamental mechanics of the web.

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