Friday, November 4, 2011


Laarkmaa tells us that the gap between those who are willing to change and those who are clinging to old structures of materiality is widening.  Pointing to the debate over whether October 28, 2011 end date for the Mayan Calendar was a failed prediction or not, the Pleiadians (who gave the Mayan Calendar to humanity) remind us that the Mayan Calendar is about ENERGY, not TIME and that the shifts that are occurring cannot be outlined in a structure that "proves" something has changed.  The changes are internal first, reflecting into the external.  The dates we humans are focusing on are Gregorian Calendar based specific points in time, and by the very focus on time, we miss the point.

We have lived through the energies of the Mayan Calendar sequentially for the last five thousand years.  Laarkmaa says we were given the opportunity to familiarize ourselves with each of the energies in a systematic way that we could understand from our linear perspective (Link to mp3 - Look for November 1).  Now we have shifted/are shifting into the space where all energies exist simultaneously and we can choose which energy is appropriate to each moment.  We can make different and better choices IF we pay attention.  We can make different and better choices IF we remove ourselves from emotional reactions that cloud truth and negative thoughts that continue to create a structure of pain, separation, and duality.  Unity is achieved through choosing to trust the flow of the universe rather than trying to prove it wrong.

Giving us insights into possibilities available in each now moment,
(Also in November 1 mp3)
the Pleiadians spoke of:
    * human confusion as we step away from our experience of time;
    * how to respond to the electrical energy we are feeling that causes bodily tiredness
       and lack of inspiration in this adjustment period;
    * how we can communicate with our star brothers and sisters through tones
       rather than words;
    * what we can see when we REALLY look at our world.

Windows to deeper perceptions are open now.  If we base our reality on looking for external proof or arguing about timing, we have missed the point.  The process of shifting is within each of us. Let us trust the process.

With love and light,

Rebecca and Cullen

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