Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ireland breaks from Vatican - sign of fresh new world arrival

On the evening of Thursday 3rd November 2011, the Irish government announced that Ireland (culturally and historically a strong Roman Catholic country) was closing its embassy in Vatican City (Rome). The chosen cover story was austerity. The Vatican embassy was being closed because it yielded no economic return to the Irish state; scrapping the mission would save Irish taxpayers €1.25 million a year.

Other countries are poised to follow Ireland in closing their embassies. A coordinated drip-by-drip erosion of public credibility for the Vatican as being anything other than a money-driven and self-interested religious cult, is in process. This deliberate and visible takedown started in June 2010 with Interpol-supported paedophile sex investigation raids by Belgian police on major Roman Catholic premises in the Archdiocese of Mechelen-Brussels.

The move is part of a covert international chess game designed to fragment and destroy the G5 Western banking cabal following the adoption of the Monaco Accords of August 2011, to which in excess of one hundred nations worldwide are now subscribed.

The Vatican, like the Mafia, is a controlled front-organisation for the Italian P2 masonic lodge. Vatican City is also one of the three privileged and autonomous city states which coordinate élite pan-global organised crime for the Western banking cabal. The other two are Washington DC and the City of London.

Washington DC is a privately owned non-Constitutional corporation which is the seat of an illegal governing entity called the "United States" (US) - not the United States of America (USA). The Washington legal control-system operates under the British Maritime Admiralty Law of Flags, not under American Constitutional Law. Notice the gold fringe. Who put that there?

The City of London Corporation is a privately owned "square mile" of ancient, non-accountable vested interests with its own private police force. It is not administratively, politically or constitutionally, part of London (UK). The City of London has a Lord Mayor. London (UK) has a mayor. They are two different people "elected" by two different legal entities.

The division of labour between the Vatican, Washington DC and the City of London is well-established. The Vatican oversees religious cover for organised geofinancial crime and runs child-prostitution rackets through its churches, schools, hospitals and orphanages across the world.

Washington DC has a military mandate to foment continual war and artificial shooting-conflicts to generate business opportunities for the Western cabal's international corporations.

The City of London Corporation is in charge of the hidden piggy banks. It rigs the stock and commodities markets, coordinates tax avoidance schemes for major corporations, creates money-out-of-nothing for the ancient "royal" bloodline families, and protects the interests of the London Crown Temple.

Mainstream reportage is less explicit. Examples can be found here (05.11.11), here (05.11.11), here (05.11.11), here (04.11.11) and here (04.11.11).


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